Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Super Saturday 15


If you know anything about me, then you know that one of my favorite days of the year just took place: Super Saturday 15! This AMAZING event took place in the Hamptons on August 28th. Every year they raise a few million dollars (this year they raised $3.6 million!) and only half of that is thanks to me and my sister (kidding, kind of!). This was Astor's and my tenth year attending, but due to Daddy’s new ‘financial rules’ he only purchased our tickets and we were on our own for shopping, so I needed to be extra thrifty. I thought you might like to see what I bought (and I can’t shut up about how well I did).

Stella Dot Jewelry:
Renegade Cluster Ring
Retail $44/Paid $22

Renegade Mini Cluster Hoops
Retail $29/Paid $15

My Kelly bag obviously isn’t very ‘punk rock’ but adding this jewelry does take it to a whole new level!

2 Pairs of 'Paris' Style Jeans
Retail $187 and $184/Paid $50 $45

I am a strong believer that no one can own too many jeans.

Benefit Brow Zings:
Brow Shaping Kit
Retail $30/Paid $18
You can have the perfect outfit, hair and make-up but that’s all ruined with messy brows! I love this product because it includes everything you need in one tiny, cute box!



Olin Sweater
Retail $300/Paid $100

As you know, I love to cut up my own t-shirts, but no one can do it like Kimberly Ovitz.

Printed Maxi Dress With Self Tie
Retail $206/Paid $70

Perfectly patterned dress to wear day or night!

Striped Silk Dress
Retail $395/Paid $100

Loved this dress, it was about 3 inches too long, but for this price I was happy to have it altered!

I bought $1,429 worth of swag but I only paid $420! I am already excited for next year, you know I'll be there, hope you will too!


Perfectly Glossed Kisses, 


Friday, July 27, 2012

Splurge or Skip: Blinc Mascara

Has anyone heard about the European mascara company that uses Octopus ink to make mascara? Well obviously it's amazing, I know because I had them send me one every three months (Because FYI you should always change your mascara every three months). Anyway, when my credit card was rudely chopped up into a million pieces of depressing confetti, I was on my own for mascara. So I decided to try BLINC mascara and I am obsessed! This mascara creates a tube around your lashes so it doesnt clump. For $26 a tube I was very pleased! 

How to use: Coat over your lashes like your average mascara (if you need a how-to for that part, I imagine you don’t leave the house much and therefore probably have no use for things like mascara). You can add as many coats as you want until you receive your desired effect, but after 60 seconds the tubes adhere and dry and you can’t add any more layers so hurry up! To remove, you just want to use warm water and gentle pressure; I used water and a washcloth and they came right off. But I am way too lazy to use a wash cloth everyday, so one night I just took a shower and they slid right off during the shower. Basically the ‘tubes’ just slide off and you are good to go. 

Rating: 4

Aspects I love: I can’t cry it off (wait… what? Not everyone sobs during all Hallmark commercials?) You will NEVER wake up with raccoon eyes, and it comes in a bunch of colors; Black, dark brown, medium brown, dark blue, dark purple and dark green. Best of all, IT DOESN’T CLUMP!

Aspects I don’t love: Sometimes you might want thickening, lengthening, etc and this one doesn’t include everything. While you can use it over another mascara, it then does add another step to your routine. And it does give you a mini heart attack when you look at the drain and you see the ‘tubes’ of mascara and you think that you just lost all your eyelashes!

Every website that I saw it on sold it for $26, but blincinc was the only one I saw that had all the colors. Sephora.com only has black and birchbox.com only has black and brown.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Print: The New Neutral

For the past few seasons, prints have just been getting more and more powerful. They're basically the new neutral - or have they been all along? You most likely wore a print within the first few days of your life, and come to think of it, if it happened to be a sleeper covered in cartoon flowers, dinosaurs, cars or teddy bears, that print would actually be very on trend right now. Look at you, fashion pioneer before you could talk. 

If you're looking to work a really fresh, hot-from-the-runway twist on prints and florals and the like just aren't cutting it for you, fear not. As you know, the hottest print trend lately has been super innovative motifs - landscapes (some actually taken by the designer themselves, like Zero+MariaCornejo), blown-up digital images, even science experiments like Helmut Lang's skirt featuring the pattern created by caffeinated spiders during a 1960s project. Maybe this is old news to you, but I really don't care because this is my blog and I don't come to your house and tell you to stop dancing around to Annie Lennox in your pajamas, do I? I am obsessed with prints and I'd like to spotlight my favorite destinations for them. Lots of designers have been stepping up with stellar print offerings - hello, Altuzarra tropicals - but these are the labels that can always be relied on every season for some serious pattern.

(Image via Style.com)

Duh, Mary Katrantzou. She is a freak of nature, I don't even understand where her genius vision comes from. She makes you realize how amazing things are, from sea life to the possibility of being a human typewriter.

(Image via Style.com)

Oh, haaai, Christopher Kane. Your presence on the list is a given, because your take on prints - whether they're pretty flowers or frightening roaring animals - is delightfully warped in a very chic and colorful way.

(Image via Style.com)

Peter Pilotto, because season after season, it's hands-down the best acid trip I've ever had.

(Image via Polyvore.com)

Dion Lee's prints are like the highest quality photographs you'll ever see, and of really cool things. I still pray to this skirt every night before I go to bed.

(Image via TheOutnet.com)

Julie Haus's modern graphics and subtle landscapes strike just the right balance between contemporary and feminine.

The line Marios was introduced to me by the amazingly chic girls behind the blog Rachel Et Nicole. Every one of their recommendations is brilliant, so it's no surprise that this one had me dreaming of landscape prints for a week. This discovery was nothing short of life-changing. Marios combines some of the most unique photographic prints you will ever see with cool, contemporary silhouettes for modern-art results. See for yourself: http://www.marios.eu/

Handbags and Hugs,


DIY Ring Holder

I haven’t met my Prince Charming yet so I do not have the Harry Winston princess-cut diamond engagement ring I picked out when I was 12. Due to that fact I like to change up the rings I currently wear on my perfectly (most of the time, whatever, shut up) manicured fingers, I wanted something cute to display them in and needed to make a jewelry box. The tons of Tiffany boxes filled with random jewelry just weren't practical so I made my own!


Items you will need:
-Box (I used a wood box and painted it, but you can use any cardboard box, and decorate however!)
-Hot glue gun or superglue, double sided tape would also work
-Toilet paper or paper towel roll
-A piece of fabric, I cut up an old tee-shirt
-First Start with your box, I used a wooden box and painted it blue with glitter on top, but feel free to get creative!
Then you will need to use some paper towel or toilet paper rolls and cut them up to fit to size.
Put them in the box to make sure they fit, I used one paper towel roll and three toilet paper rolls and realized that I ran out. So then I just cut up a piece of cardboard from a cereal box and rolled it into a tube.  
Now you will want to grab an old t-shirt or a piece of fabric. 
Cut out long strips which you will use to wrap around each toilet paper roll.
I used a hot glue gun, but you can just use some super glue and paint a line down the roll, no need to be perfect as it will end up being glued to the bottom of the box.
 Stick the fabric onto the strip of glue, be careful the glue is super-hot and the fabric I used was thin!
No need to do it perfectly, I didn’t measure when I cut out the fabric and it didn’t reach all the way around, also note how there is a little bit (an inch or two is fine) of fabric hanging off the end of each roll.
Now you will just tuck the extra into the tube, another good tip is to stuff the tubes with either left over fabric or ripped up toilet paper of paper towels so that the tubes are stronger.
Then you will want to put some glue inside the box and stick in the tubes.
Now your finished and you can put in all of your rings!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ode to the Valentino Rock Stud

In case you don't already know, I thought I should make it very clear that one of my absolute biggest obsessions in the entire world is Valentino Rock Stud everything. I am completely devotedly in love with every shoe and bag. If I ever won the lottery, I would allocate what I could to the hungry and spend the rest paying Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccoli to come to my apartment and personally stud everything I own. EVERYTHING, if you think I have a problem sleeping on pyramid-studded pillows, you are mistaken. Anyway, I just wanted to make this clear because if we're going to be spending a lot of time together, you should get used to being bombarded with images of ladylike things trimmed in punk-chic hardware from Maison Valentino. 

*Images via:

Handbags and Hugs, 


Ladies in Leather

If you're sitting around thinking leather is just for jackets and questionable club gear, first of all you should get a hobby, and second of all, you need to get with the times, lady. Fall 2012 is daring to take leather into new territory, proving leather can be lightweight and malleable enough to be cut into any silhouette, from beautifully tailored dresses to slouchy pants so effortless you won't be able to believe they're leather - but they ARE so next time you're sitting around thinking even though I told you not to, ponder that. 

To prove my point, in case you're really stubborn and also hid under a rock during FW12 fashion week, here are some drool-inducing snaps from Harper's Bazaar's runway report:



Givenchy (My favorite, in case you're shopping for me)

Proenza Schouler


Alexander Wang

Yves Saint Laurent - Soon to be Saint Laurent Paris, or the Artist Formerly Known as YSL, or something...

Anyway, this means it's time to invest in some leather in new silhouettes - think ladylike, the perfect way to balance leather's tough reputation. I'm partial to the leather pencil skirt - it's tailored and sophisticated but still a little badass. But whatever silhouette you choose, a new-season skirt is a must.

The perfect black A-line leather skirt, from Burberry

A sweet silhouette in buttery camel leather, from Acne

Lush jewel tone, from DKNY

Modern metallic, from Prabal Gurung

Ladylike, from McQ Alexander McQueen

And because I just won't be seen with you unless you have a good leather skirt, here are some lower priced options - I may or may not also be bookmarking these as a last resort JUST IN CASE not a single soul is willing to donate to my designer leather skirt fund (Rude.):

Hmm, kind of looks familiar, doesn't it? OH YEAH, it looks like the one right above this from McQ Alexander McQueen - geez, you need to get your eyes checked. Anyway, this one is only $149 at Asos. You're welcome.

Short and sweet - and only $128: Free People at Piperlime.

Sleek and sophisticated, $240 at Yoox

Handbags and Hugs,


DIY: When You're Reduced to Destroying Your Own T-shirts...

My distressed T-shirts used to come torn by Balmain but now that those are a bit too much of a splurge, I’m left with no choice but to cut up my own. Now, my destroyed tops actually come free as I used old rejected t-shirts – raid the closet of your boyfriend, brother, dad, friend, boss, mailman, anyone!

Clearly I chose a shirt that needed some TLC (or a garbage can).

Snip off the collar.

Fold the shirt in half and cut off the sleeves (you get a more even cut if you cut off both sleeves at the same time).

Your shirt should look like this.

Now you will want to fold your shirt in half the other way so you can cut it to give it a sweet mullet hem.

Now you just want to use a strip of fabric (from the piece you cut off) and tie it to the back of the shirt to make it look like a racer back, wind the fabric all the way down and then tie in another knot.

Now you are ready to enjoy your tshirt! (And no this lovely model isn’t me or Astor.) 

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,