Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Fashionable New Year!
Handbags, Hugs and Perfectly Glossed Kisses,
Astor & Sutton

Friday, December 28, 2012

What We're Wearing

Today I am wearing BB Nail Polish in Blue Christmas. Blue nail polish is a tough color to pull off; I do not want my hands to look like they belong to a corpse. Blue Christmas is an exception. Very multidimensional, it has glitter in the polish and gives a sparkling layered look versus a flat blue. Glittery and gorgeous; I have already received a ton of compliments!  

$7.95 Blue Christmas

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


After-Christmas sales are what Christmas is all about. I mean...that's what I would say if I were a terrible, shallow person, am I right? And we know I'm not - right? Aaanyway...I will admit, I was looking forward to the sales. I mean, you inevitably end up with some cash to burn from grandma or Aunt Millie, and conveniently Barney's and Bergdorf go up to 60% off. It's a holiday miracle. Another holiday miracle was me finding this 3.1 Phillip Lim dress at Barney's. I've wanted it forever. There was just one left in the whole store. In my size. So. Marked. Off. Today is the first day of our beautiful relationship.

Hand Bags & Hugs,


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Glossy Box

My life has been changed. I received my Glossy Box. I am not exaggerating, it was literally a life-changing event. This monthly box comes with five travel-size beauty samples, none so tiny you will get only one use. I have fallen in love with each and every one, not one item I didn't use and love.

I was basically shaking with excitement when I opened the box; I needed to know if it would be worth the money.

At this point, before I had already opened the box to see the products I was already very pleased. The actual box it comes with is so pretty. Light pink with brown lining and very thick. This is not a box I will be throwing away.

Ahhh look at all of this... before I even get to the products I must tell you what else came in the box. They had a NuMe $100 gift certificate. They have a blow dryer and straightener that I want, and can now buy for almost free with my gift card! 

The box also included a "GLOSSYBOX Mag". A magazine full of great ideas, products and tips. After reading it I then needed to do some shopping, it even included an amazing gift guide for all of the girls on your list. 

And finally a card with all of the products in the box; names, prices and tips on how to use them.

This Truffle Serum by Skin&Co Roma is a new fave product of mine. I have been using it day and night, and can truthfully tell you that it has brightened and toned my skin. I can get weary about serums; while they are a needed skin care step they can often not smell the best. This Truffle Serum smells great and I have no issue applying it all over. 

This might have to be my favorite perfume, the solid perfume stick by Perfumies - Blue Skies. Perfume is a risky product to give to someone else or to receive for a gift. Not many people like the same scents. Although, I find it hard to believe that someone would not like this: it reminds me of clean, fresh laundry. Tiny packaging, slips right into the pocket of my bag. Easy for touch ups throughout the day. 

I know that you are aware of Argan Oil, rich in Vitamin E and other beneficial fatty acids. NuMe Style Argan Oil works on skin and hair. Non-greasy, it's fine for all skin types. I have been applying the Truffle Serum and following with this on my face. Last night I slathered it all over my hair before I went to bed. Of course I woke up so late and didn't have time to shower. I was worried about having this in my hair all night and not having time to wash it out. I was totally wrong (I know, it shocked me as well). My hair was soft and not at all greasy. I now apply it daily.

I ran to the bathroom to wash my face with Lierac's gentle facial scrub. The reason that I love this product is that it has tiny 'scrubbies' as I like to cal them, which clean my skin and get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells. BUT it is a gel-oil based so it also nourishes my skin and leaves it super soft. 

I have been quite antsy to true a blue eyeliner. But not positive that it would look good which left me in an awkward position. Do I try a cheap drug store blue eyeliner to find out if it works for me? If so, what if I don't like it, but it turns out that I would have liked it if it had been a better brand? Do I go out and just buy an expensive one? What if I then decide I hate it and am now stuck with an expensive, unusable liner? Yes, these are the things one must consider. My worries were over when I got my Glossybox; it included Illamasqua eyeliner in a gorgeous blue.  I can now tell you that I do look great in a blue eyeliner. This one is soft and creamy, applies easily and now I think I need to buy a black one from Illamasqua.

Need to know:
-Unlike some boxes, these can be shipped to 15 different countries.
-One month is $21, which can be canceled at anytime. (Promise you won't want to.)
-Save if you sign up for more than one month.
-Best part? You fill out a very in-depth beauty profile and they ask many important questions: skin type, skin coloring, hair type, if your hair is color treated, natural hair color, eye color, favorite beauty brand, age, how much you spend on beauty products per month and your personal style (Astor's favorite question). With these questions you will be sure to get things you want.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Monday, December 24, 2012

Liebster Award Nomination

We're so excited and honored to have been nominated for the Liebster Award! This means a lot, as it comes from other bloggers - there's nothing better than support from your own community. So, we want to send a huge thank you to the blog that nominated us, Attire Club. We love you, too! 

Attire Club gave us and its other nominees a mission - all nominees must nominate another eleven blogs, tell our readers eleven things about ourselves, answer eleven questions asked by Attire Club, and pose a new eleven questions for our own eleven nominees. Here goes.

And our nominees are...!!

Our eleven facts about ourselves:

We grew up on Park Avenue.

Thanks to lessons throughout childhood, we are proficient in ballet, fencing, French, pastry baking, table setting, archery, piano playing, candle making, glass blowing, haiku writing and napkin folding.

The first time we ever wore makeup was when we got it done at Henri Bendel for our 10th and 11th birthdays. We've been Bendel devotees ever since.

Le Cirque is where we go when we want to go where everybody knows our name.

We've been to Versailles more times than we've been to Queens.

We were forced to go to a shopaholics' support group when we got cut off but it didn't do anything, clearly.

My favorite kind of music is heavy metal, and Sutton's favorite is rap. No one ever guesses.

We never leave the house without last three lip glosses in our bags.

We've been reading "les miserables" on our iphones when we're on the subway - it's been about six months and we're still not done

My celebrity crush is Robert Downey, Jr. and Sutton's is Joseph Gordon Levitt - we only like celebrities with three initials.

My biggest pet peeve is any sort of rude subway behavior, especially when people rush on to the car before you can get off at a stop. Sutton's biggest pet peeve is when people wear running shoes with their business suits.

Our answers to Attire Club's questions:

Q: What did you want to become when you were little?

A: We always wanted to be in fashion and beauty – we were basically born with shopping bags in our hands, and grew up around the most beautiful stores, closets and our own personal style icons.

Q: Do you write a journal?

A: Yes, our blog! It documents our daily crusades in shopping.

Q: The classic: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: Trapped in our new huge Soho loft because our shopping bags are stacked to the ceiling and blocking the doors.

Q: What is your motto?

A: Some of the most stylish girls are broke.

Q: If your blog was an animal, which one would it be? Why?

A: Perhaps a squirrel. As the cunning gatherer of the animal kingdom, we feel it is the natural comparison to a shopper.

Q: What was the last clothing item you bought?

A: A Joseph waffle-knit sweater and a Rodarte for Opening Ceremony dress.

Q: Do you go shopping on a regular basis?

A: What’s regular? You mean twice a day? That’s crazy! Only once a day.

Q: What famous people are your models?

A: Anyone that’s truly cultivated their own style, from editors to designers. Mira Duma, Joanna Hillman, Mary Katrantzou, Marie Antoinette, Keith Richards.

Q: Have you ever walked a runway? If not, would you like to?

A: No. And no. You’ve seen the video montages of falling models, right?

Q: Do you know how to cook? If yes, what do you like to cook?

A: No – that was always done by the family cook until we got swiftly kicked out on our own. That doesn’t mean we’re going to go crazy and do something like learn how to cook. If we can’t eat out or order in, we survive on brussel sprouts and macarons.

Q: Have you ever pulled a prank on someone? If not, why?

A: Of course. But we can’t tell, or else you’ll know it’s coming.

And finally, our eleven questions for our nominees:

What city do you live in and how does it affect your style?

Why did you start a blog?

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

What is your least favorite thing about blogging?

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

What blogs do you look to for inspiration?

Who are your style icons?

What is your favorite store?

How would you describe your personal style?

What is the last thing you bought?

What is your favorite trend?

Thanks again to Attire Club and much love to our nominees!

Handbags, Hugs and Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

Astor and Sutton

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lazy Beauty Sunday

It has been a crazy month of holiday shopping for myself. Oh right, and other people. I was in dire need of a lazy Sunday. So here goes.

$48 Yon-Ka Phyto-Gel Exfoliant

I have said it before and I will say it again; winter is a killer on your skin. Dry skin is just not something I am willing to live with. Now that I am using the Phyto-Gel Exfoliant I no longer have that problem. With a great fresh scent this sloughs off dead skin. Most importantly, to me, is that it's gentle. I have used scrubs that feel like I am sandpaper-ing off my skin. On the other hand I have used 'scrubs' that are much more of a body wash. Finally I have found the perfect medium. Phyto-Gel Exfoliant is gentle AND effective.

$42 Huile Corps

I could go on and on about how beneficial scrubs are. But I would not be a true friend if I stopped there. Now that you have fresh skin it's thirsty. I don't know why but I love that saying, so cute, right? Okay moving on, I always follow a good shower scrub with something moisturizing. When my skin really needs to be replenished and oil does the job. Downside, I am not trying to be a grease ball. (Cut to freshman year of High school when Astor and I would lay in Central Park covered in baby oil trying to get a tan. Not a good look). This oil is not greasy. Apply and in seconds your skin will drink it up, yup I just said that.

$29 Jan Marini Bioglycolor Face Cleanser
I could not forget my face. So I used Jan Marini's Bioglycolor Face Cleanser. This cleanser is perfect for my skin, and yours. No I don't know what type of skin you have but this cleanser is good for ALL skin types so ha! It gently cleanses and exfoliates, I love it because it doesn't dry out my skin. My skin looks and feels so good it's a shame I have to cover it with all these "winter layers." Ugh time for a trip to St. Barths.

It wouldn't be Christmas if I did not do some festive nails. I used all of my new BB Nail Polish.  As you already know, I love BB Polish. It dries quickly, lasts long, and gives a gel like finish without any unwanted ingredients; no formaldehyde!

 I started by painting my nails with 'Fairy Blood' a deep, rich, super shiny red.

Once the red was completely dry I applied some tape across my nails. Doesn't have to be perfect or exact, just all diagonal lines.


 I used double sided tape, this is how it looked when I removed the backside of the tape.

After the tape was on, I used 'Poison Ivy' polish which is an emerald, forest-like green. After a few minutes I removed the tape and let the green fully dry.

My final step was to paint over all of my nails with 'Hollywood Junk'! This is a perfect Christmas color. Big and small chunks of silver glitter.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Friday, December 21, 2012

What We're Wearing

Today I am wearing IOMA's Repair Gel. This product is amazing, after using it my skin's appearance is much more radiant. And fine, I will admit that at times my skin is not perfect but this miracle worker makes everything better. Bye bye blemishes and oil, hello soft and smooth skin. A true all in one; astringent, toner, and hydrater. One step and done.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Today was one of those weird weather days that you have no idea how to dress for. Everything I put on ended up giving me serious doubts about how it would hold up under rain, serious wind and abnormally high (read: humid) temperatures. I ended up opting for a thicker sweater so I could wear a lighter jacket. This is one of my favorites, from Lulus, and happens to be a gift from Sutton – see, she does good sometimes. I always try to balance the super 3-D texture and bold stripes with some classic monochrome staples, like this pleated black skirts from Urban Outfitters and these sleek over-the-knee boots from Thirteen Vintage.
Handbags & Hugs,


Thursday, December 20, 2012

The SOF Wish List

Shopping for other people and writing all those gift guides has been exhausting. Sutton and I cannot wait for the holidays to come so we can finally get stuff. And if we had our way, we would get one or all of these amazing wish list items.

rag & bone floral-print Newbury boots. Because, are you kidding me? There's nothing like a printed shoe and this print is gorgeous. PLUS, it's on the quintessential, timelessly cool and surprisingly comfortable Newbury boot. Win-win. Image via ShopBop.

The holographic PS11 bag. I know I say this a lot, but I’ve never seen anything more amazing. This bag’s sleek, impeccably structured shape was made for this futuristic effect. I want this so bad I could cry. It would literally illuminate even the most boring outfits.  Image via Purse Blog.

Thakoon Addition sequined T-shirt dress. This is the kind of dress I would live in. I survive on dresses that are easy breezy in feel, fit and styling, yet make a statement in detail, embellishment, print, etc. You're fashion-forward without even lifting a finger. I'd probably start wearing it right away with tights and ankle boots and then switch to sandals in the spring. Image via Moda Operandi.

Handbags and Hugs,


Ann Dexter Jones White Sexagon Lip Ring

Ann Dexter Jones Jewelry. Do I really need to say more? Of course one of her beautiful pieces is on my wish list. No girl's life is complete without an Ann Dexter Jones. Everything is gorgeous but I am on my hands and knees begging for this White Sexagon Lip Ring. Whether it's with a graphic printed Preen dress or jeans and a tee this ring is the perfect accessory for any outfit. In case you haven't noticed I sign absolutely everything (posts, emails, letters) "Perfectly Glossed Kisses" so could this ring be designed especially for me? I like to think so. Which is odd considering I don't own it yet- time for someone to go shopping.

I am a lover of black flats, they're classic and they go with everything; and are always super comfortable. What is cuter then a cat? Not. One. Thing. Which is why I love Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats. While I don't love my cat's hair on everything I own I would love his face on my flats.


As a self proclaimed beauty guru I need some Tatcha products. I am currently craving the Radiant Deep Brightening Serum and the Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream. The serum is brightening and hydrating, following that with the Moisture Rich Silk Cream I am sure to have perfect skin. Don't you want me to have perfect skin? Good, then go any buy this for me!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gift Guide: Last Minute Finds

Picture it. Christmas Eve, 10PM. You forgot one gift you need to get. How did this happen? HOW? You're normally such a responsible, organized person! I'll tell you how it happened. December hits and BOOM. Work gets busier, nay, CRAZIER. Everyone you know has a holiday party, usually you have three to go to on the same night and all three are in completely different neighborhoods. You have to find That Perfect Gift for everyone on your list, while dealing with the awkward request that other people give you to tell them what you want - if you told them what's really on your wish list, they'd probably feel burdened about taking out a loan to afford it. Your boyfriend's parents come into town and you have to pretend to be a tourist for the day and take them around to all the best worst best places. You start stressing because you know you're gaining weight but everything's so good and if one more co-worker or friend offers you one more amazing home-baked cookie and if you have to wrap one more present and if you have to drink one more glass of eggnog and if you have to live through one more SantaCon happening in your neighborhood and if you have to pretend you think ugly Christmas sweater parties are funny one more year - 


That's why drugstores exist. I mean, that and...selling prescription medicine and whatnot. But right now, they exist for us poor stressed souls. They're the light at the end of the tunnel, the smiling friend who says "I understand. I don't judge you for buying your best friend a stuffed reindeer and three-pack of Orbit gum for the holidays. And I won't tell your boss that you got that box of truffles on the clearance rack."

Listen. You're not going to get a super chic accessory or an amazingly handy...home device, or whatever. But, it's 10PM on Christmas Eve, remember? You're going to have to get inventive and you're going to have to have a sense of humor about things.

I challenge you to find someone who wouldn't want a Hello Kitty Chia  pet. It's cute, it's sweet, and you can claim hipster-driven irony here instead of admitting you bought this out of all seriousness. Funny-haha gifts are perfect for those people who have everything, because it's not like you're going to get them anything truly useful anyway. Might as well have fun, and this is less than $20 at Duane Reade.

Who doesn't love pugs? No, seriously, who? Send them to me so I can slap them silly. Personally, even I want this adorable ornament. I'd leave it out all year long. And it's just $14.99 at Duane Read.

 (Image via

Now for something I actually really want, and any girl would LOVE. Seriously, this won't even feel like you're cheaping out/last minute-ing it at a drug store. Just buy a boat load of nail stuff and put it in a pretty box or basket or...Shop Rite bag, whatevs. Make sure to buy all different things. Buy a nail file, a nail clipper, polish remover, nail strengthener, a light color, a dark color, a glitter top coat, some nail stickers, a nail art pen - BUY IT ALL AND GIVE IT TO ME. Sorry. Anyway, if you buy a nice variety and include some fun stuff, like whatever's new to the nail scene (crackle nail polish, magnetic, etc.), it's guaranteed to please. 
I love MOR’s Body Butter. This is a perfect gift for anyone left on your list. My favorite is the Clementine scent, but it comes in many different scents. Perfect for winter because it is super moisturizing. It’s also great because it never leaves you feeling greasy.

Handbags, Hugs and Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

Astor and Sutton


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Velvet Nails

I needed to try the new nail trend: velvet manicures. You can buy expensive sets but I wasn't 100% sure this would work so I didn't want to spend too much money on a set. (It actually physically pained me to type that). Astor came up with an inventive idea: buying crushed velvet powder from a craft store to use. We were unbelievably excited to try this out and ripped into the box immediately. I even invited our friend Amy over to join our mani party. Astor literally texted and emailed me about ten times during the day while we were at work, out of sheer excitement and stress over what type of design she wanted to do with the velvet.


We spent at least 15 minutes discussing what we wanted to do, so many color options!

After picking our colors I removed old nail polish and painted a clear coat of polish on a nail... I applied the velvet, and repeated on the next nail. We all did different designs and were quite pleased with ourselves. 

I did different stripes of colors. I just applied clear nail polish in a strip across my nail. I applied the first velvet color, waited a few minutes and continued with the next color.


Amy stayed classic and did all of her nails in a pretty blue.

Astor did each nail a different color, and made cute fuzzy multicolored fingers. Although it was pointed out on instagram how much this looked like the hand of a dead...erm...lady of the night from the show "Dexter" - a severed hand with all different colored nails. Not as cute, but whatevs.
Amazing right?
No, actually you are not right at all. Cut to the next morning and I am going to give you the privilege of reading my conversation with Astor on Gchat.
Me: ugh terrible morning already, crazy lady (and might I add extremely unfashionable) spilled coffee all over my Marc bag on the subway. **
Astor: you know what else is terrible?
Remember yesterday when I was blissfully ignorant of how impossible it would be to maintain velvet nails? I was so excited, so happy then. Now I know the truth. Each of my nails looks like a balding clown with a drinking problem.
Me: I know! A major disappointment. Amy was quite upset this morning as well.
Astor: No good.
Me: Yeah that's def a night of event mani.

** Just wanted to point out that Astor totally ignored my bag dilemma. If I had borrowed her Chloe bag, like I did the day before, I GUARANTEE she would have had something to say about that!
Anyway, as you can guess this manicure did NOT last. But I stand by my statement: it is fun and looks adorable; but you must do them the same day as your event or party. And they should be a last step. Planning to wash your face after your nails are done? Big mistake.

Perfectly glossed kisses,


Monday, December 17, 2012

KiraKira Jewelry

I love jewelry. I am a fanatical believer in in the power of jewelry to transform your entire look, to make or break your outfit. You can take the simplest basics and pop on an amazing accessory and suddenly your look is fresh, unique, intrinsically stylish. We've seen the results of this time and time again - I lent Sutton the Eddie Borgo scorpion necklace a couple of weeks ago to jazz up a plain black top she was wearing and people literally stopped her on the street all day to comment on the piece. That being said, both of us are super picky about jewelry, because after a while, when you shop it so much, it all starts to look the same. We have a few go-to designers, and are constantly going to markets and pop-ups searching for our next favorite, but they all blur together. That's why we were so excited to find KiraKira Jewelry.

I can honestly say I've never seen anything quite like KiraKira. It's bold yet delicate, stand-out yet utterly feminine, unique yet easy to wear everyday. It's insanely beautifully crafted and ever so intricately detailed. It just glitters and catches the light so perfectly, without ever being over the top. There are three main themes going on that I am personally obsessed with and am pretty confident you will be, too. There is a whole group of sea-inspired jewelry, then there is a group of Marakesh-inspired pieces (with designs that are reminiscent of striking Moroccan tiles and architecture), and of course the geological wonders, the geode and agate-encrusted jewelry. And to hear the designer, Suz Somersall, talk about her inspiration really makes these different aesthetics all the more special and covetable. As far as the oceanic pieces, Somersall really wanted to bring nature to life. And she succeeded. The most intricate of details gives every piece texture and a sense of realistic and understated yet stylized grace. She designed the pieces to really interact with the wearer - earrings that curve in toward the jaw line to complement the face, a starfish cuff that wraps around the arm as if it's part of you. Somersall took a different yet equally artistic approach with the Moroccan-influenced pieces. She took the inspiration from the graphic surroundings of Marakech and simplified everything, stripping patterns down to their bare essentials. The result is a collection of eye-catching, exotic patterns that are somehow simultaneously bold in their minimalism.

We stopped by KiraKira's pop-up at the Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. The market is up until January 6th and I have one word of advice for you: Go. This is your holiday shopping, AND your shopping for yourself after you receive money from Grandma or whoever else for the holidays. Feast your eyes on the beautifully shimmering pieces, laid out in these wonderfully curated arrangements. There's something for everyone, which brings me to another exciting factor of KiraKira, one that I have never found with any other jewelry line, ever. The price range is vast and expansive, so no matter what you're in the market for, it's there. It's so amazing to find a line that has custom-made, stone-encrusted solid gold pieces for $1,000 and up that also has gold-plated sterling silver pieces as low as $50. How is that possible? I don't know, because you don't ask questions when something is that good. So, KiraKira Jewelry can be your line when you are going to make that ultimate splurge and elevate your jewelry box with a treasure-forever investment piece, and it can also be your line when you just want to go shopping and pick up your new favorite accessory - on, you know, a Tuesday. No special occasions required.

And it gets even better - seriously. If you go to the KiraKira pop-up at Bryant Park (closer to the 42nd Street side, parallel to 42nd) and mention Sobbing On Fifth, you will receive 20% off. And if you don't live in New York, you can still take advantage of this so-good deal - enter promo code SOBBINGONFIFTH at checkout on KiraKira's website. 20% off prices that are already incredible, all to get yourself something that will never go out of style and will always transform your outfits.

Handbags & Hugs,