Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ladies in Leather

If you're sitting around thinking leather is just for jackets and questionable club gear, first of all you should get a hobby, and second of all, you need to get with the times, lady. Fall 2012 is daring to take leather into new territory, proving leather can be lightweight and malleable enough to be cut into any silhouette, from beautifully tailored dresses to slouchy pants so effortless you won't be able to believe they're leather - but they ARE so next time you're sitting around thinking even though I told you not to, ponder that. 

To prove my point, in case you're really stubborn and also hid under a rock during FW12 fashion week, here are some drool-inducing snaps from Harper's Bazaar's runway report:



Givenchy (My favorite, in case you're shopping for me)

Proenza Schouler


Alexander Wang

Yves Saint Laurent - Soon to be Saint Laurent Paris, or the Artist Formerly Known as YSL, or something...

Anyway, this means it's time to invest in some leather in new silhouettes - think ladylike, the perfect way to balance leather's tough reputation. I'm partial to the leather pencil skirt - it's tailored and sophisticated but still a little badass. But whatever silhouette you choose, a new-season skirt is a must.

The perfect black A-line leather skirt, from Burberry

A sweet silhouette in buttery camel leather, from Acne

Lush jewel tone, from DKNY

Modern metallic, from Prabal Gurung

Ladylike, from McQ Alexander McQueen

And because I just won't be seen with you unless you have a good leather skirt, here are some lower priced options - I may or may not also be bookmarking these as a last resort JUST IN CASE not a single soul is willing to donate to my designer leather skirt fund (Rude.):

Hmm, kind of looks familiar, doesn't it? OH YEAH, it looks like the one right above this from McQ Alexander McQueen - geez, you need to get your eyes checked. Anyway, this one is only $149 at Asos. You're welcome.

Short and sweet - and only $128: Free People at Piperlime.

Sleek and sophisticated, $240 at Yoox

Handbags and Hugs,


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