Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beauty Secrets Revealed Volume II

I love knowing any beauty-related tips and secrets. I (generously if I do say so myself) shared some with you already. I am going to share a few more with you. If you are selfishly hoarding some of your own secrets, you better email me at and share them. And include your name, if I love it I will feature it next month and give you credit!

1.) Double the Life of Your Nail Polish
     If you store your nail polish in the fridge it will last much longer vs storing it at room temperature. But keep in mind you need to take it out of the fridge and let it warm to room temperature before you use it. So spur of the moment manis will not happen!

2.) Refreshed Eyes
     Speaking of storing things in the fridge, pop your eye cream in there as well. Everyone knows about putting cold spoons on your eyes to de-puff them. And everyone knows how adamant I am about eye cream. If you store your eye cream in the fridge you will be de-puffing eyes every morning when you apply it. This will leave you feeling awake and refreshed.

3.) Look Wide Awake Instantly
     Above the corner of your eye (next to the bridge of your nose) there is a small vein. Putting a tiny dab of concealer on that spot (even if you don't have time to do a full face of make-up) with perk you up. Well, actually, you will still be tired BUT at least you wont look it.

4.) Train Your Hair
     If you suffer from oily hair you need to send it to boot camp for training. Every time you wash your hair you are stripping it of your natural oils. In turn your hair will start to product more oil ASAP. So force yourself to skip a few washes. (I know this is a challenge, but master the slick back ballerina bun). If you continue this, you will eventually train your hair as you won't constantly be stripping it and in turn you will be letting your follicles know they don't need to overproduce oil.

5.) Soft Feet in a Snap
     Dry, cracked feet are gross. This is a giant pet peeve of mine. Getting weekly pedicures would be super helpful for this issue, I know because that's what I did in high school. Of course, that is not an option any longer *sigh*. But I have a secret that is almost as good. After showering, glob a lot of Vaseline on your feet. The thicker the better. Now just slip on some cotton socks. This will trap the Vaseline inside the socks. Sleep in the socks and you will wake up to soft tootsies!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY: Bejeweled T-shirt

This TNTees shirt on Net-A-Porter was one of the roughly 150 things that Sutton and I send each other in one day when we're stumbling across treasure after treasure that we want to buy. But this one, as some do, stayed with us. So simple yet so grand. A beweled little T-shirt. It says I'm totally casual but I'm also a little opulent. And, after falling in love with be-gemmed and be-crystaled styles like 3.1 Phillip Lim's be-baubled sweaters and dresses this season, we had to have this look. But why spend $170 when you can spend $9?

You see, everyone has some old tees lying around, and we're no exception. It's killing two birds with one stone (which is a terrible saying, by the by) - you're getting rid of the dull old t-shirt and creating something amazing you really want for practically nothing.

All you have to do is buy gems. We went to A.C.Moore and got three packs of assorted gems, and they were just $2.99 each - and we had plenty to spare after the project was over. Make sure to get sew-on. Don't worry if you're not a big sewing expert, we are FAR from that. I've sewed like twice in my life. But you don't want to get into glueing them on because they will fall off quickly, I promise. Once you have your gems, a needle and thread and your t-shirts, start laying out your design! Once you're happy with something, just start sewing. This took us about two hours, to give you an idea of time commitment - not bad to get a $170 look for $9, and a pretty rad statement tee that I'm excited to let peek out from lower necklines, jackets, and even wear on its own.

Handbags and Hugs,


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sobbing On Fifth on Racked New York: Confessions From a Filthy Rich Childhood on Park Avenue

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January Starbox

Its that time again, my Starlooks Box arrived. This month's box was jam-packed with goodies. You have seen November's box, December's box, so now it is time to check out January's.
Of course the first thing that caught my eye was the chunky green bracelet. Keeping the rest of your jewelry minimal, this bracelet would be super-eye catching.
Now onto my favorite part of the box... the makeup! This box came with a blush in Cuty Peach. A bright, yet not overpowering, warm pink blush. A sweet and healthy glow, like you just pinched your cheeks.
This stunning mint green (which by the way, happens to be THE color for spring) shimmer pencil leaves your lids with just the right amount of sparkle. Use it as a liner for a bold pop of color or as a shadow blended over the entire lid for a sheer metallic wash.
While I love the shimmery liner, this brown one is perfect for daily use. This pencil glides on smoothly and stayed on all day.

I have a weakness for makeup brushes. I have about a million of them. Don't judge me, I use them all. Each brush creates a different look. I am quite excited to add this dome fluff brush to my arsenal. It's super soft and small and will create a great smokey eye and smudger.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Monday, January 28, 2013

Christina Yi FW13: Serpent's Nest

Lovely New York readers, we are headed to a very exciting show as part of NYFW FW13, and we're more than just a little excited to spread the word so you can come, too. Breakout menswear and womenswear designer Christina Yi will be showing her edgy, cutting-edge creations as part of her Serpent's Nest collection - inspired by her fear of snakes (very intriguing) - on February 10th at Studio Arte. You can snag your access here: but hurry because tickets are only on sale until February 1st. We'll be giving you coverage on the darkly cool looks after the show, so stay tuned!

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SOF Wish List: Moda Operandi

We shop. You shop. Everyone shops. That's why we're here, right? By "here" I mean on this blog, not on this earth. That would be shallow - and yet, let's be honest, it's totally true. Shopping is the meaning of life. (How much better would existential ponder pieces like "Tree of Life" be if instead of showing Sean Penn wandering through canyons in a suit, he was parading up and down Fifth Avenue on a shopping spree? That's a movie I would watch.) And, because we're not trust fund babies (anymore...bitter? Us?) , we do a lot of wish-listing. We bet you do, too. It's fun, and it's how you keep track of everything you covet when you can't afford to just buy everything you see. You make a list to know what you're coming back for. If you're organized about anything in your life, it should be this. Since wish-listing is one of Sutton's and my all-time favorite hobbies, we're happy to start sharing our wish lists with you. And we would be thrilled to pieces to know what you want, too, so do tell in the comments. Today, our Moda Operandi wish list.
What Sutton wants:

Soft, comfortable and laid back? Check. I would like to put this MSGM sweatshirt over everything. it would be perfect with jeans and ballet flats for a weekend brunch But the versatility of this sweatshirt is really what makes it for me. It works just as well with a pencil skirt and heals.

This Valentino dress is a study in contradictions. I love the hot pink, leopard-print ruffles balanced with a school girlish white collar and cuffs. Crisp, clean and wild. It’s the perfect mix of uptown prim and proper and downtown edge.

What I want:

This Marni dress is the kind of frock I'd wear every day (well, I'd want to, I wouldn't actually because that would be gross) in the spring and summer. It's finally a chance to wear a great Marni print without the unflattering silhouettes the brand can be so fond of - it's got the perfect nipped-in waist.
Again, I'm going to go with something because of its practicality - so unlike me! But I would so wear these Aquazurra sandals everyday, I love how the print in the back is eye-catching but the straps are understated, plus they look super comfy. 

I've wanted an Aurelie Bidermann dipped lace cuff forever, and I think it's about time I bit the bullet. So delicate, intricate and different, it's a timeless statement piece.

Handbags and Hugs, 


Friday, January 25, 2013

What We're Wearing

Okay so I am not actually 'wearing' this makeup bag, but everything that I am wearing is neatly tucked inside it. Astor bought me this makeup bag, which I adore. Could the saying "In case of emergency put mascara on yourself before helping others" be any more me? Job interview, date, fire in your apt... put mascara on immediately. Well, the last one might be a stretch (unless you don't see smoke of course) but you get my point.


Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Frigid days like today call for this amazingly cozy Joseph sweater. Its high, thick neck nixes the need for a scarf. I'm obsessed with its waffley grid pattern - so much so that I decided to complement it with a grid skirt. Overkill? Bah.


Handbags and Hugs,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mascara: The Skinny on What's Best for Your Lashes

Sutton may be the beauty guru, but there's one makeup-related thing I'm obsessed with: mascara. It's the one part of my makeup routine I really care about, since it's often the only statement-making thing I wear on my face, aside from when I decide to wear lipstick. And in those cases, it's the perfect complement to a bold lip, too. It doesn't compete. Bold, long, black lashes can stand on their own or be the perfect partner to red lips. I've even done the false lash thing, I love lashes so much, and only stopped because I like my makeup routine super low-maintenance. Therefore, I rely on mascaras. The more dramatic - without looking fake - the better. So, there's basically nothing more perfect for a mascara-phile like me than Sephora's mascara sampler. I tried each one compared to my tried and true regular mascara. First, the samplers:
Makeup Forever: Smoky Lash

Glad I found this one. It gives great volume with a splash of drama and leaves lashes really lush. Combine it with a flick of black eyeliner and this one's deadly. I can see exactly why it's called Smoky Lash, it's the ideal accompaniment to a smoky eye. Love, love, love.

Sephora: Outrageous Volume

 Avoid at all costs. Tarantula eyes, and I mean major killer tarantula. I suppose the volume is actually outrageous - outrageously clumpy and stiff.
Stila: Stay All Day

This is a good one for both length and volume. It doesn't do anything crazy like some of the "false eyelashes in a tube!" mascaras, but it doesn't claim to, either. It stays all day, it's telling the truth. And it gives you some volume, length and everyday-normal-drama to boot.

Buxom: Buxom Lash

Okay. Not amazing. But good. Doesn't leave you too clumpy (a little) or stiff but also doesn't grant you amazing length or volume. So, while not a bad choice, I don't see why you'd bother.

Benefit: Bad Gal Lash

This might be my favorite of the pack! But, everything Benefit is wonderful - WONDERFUL, I tell you. This gives me the vavavoom that Benefit is known for - long, voluminous, black, dramatic eyelashes that still look natural, like I was born with old Hollywood glamour girl lashes.

Bare Minerals: Flawless Definition

This is perfect for what I call "headshot lashes." When actors get headshots done, they need to present the best version of their natural face - highlight what they have. So they'd use a mascara like this. It doesn't add crazy length or volume, it keeps lashes super natural. It just adds the slightest hint of "oomph" and, well, definition. So, this might be a good option for daytime if you just want your lashes to like, stand at attention.
And now, for my regular in rotation...
Maybelline: Illegal Length

My favorite. Drama-drama-drama. Those who aren't lash-obsessed might want to leave this for after dark, but I am obsessed with lashes, the longer the better. Mascara is usually the only eye makeup I wear, and I think it can be such an effortlessly glam look to just wear some pow mascara. This brings the length but no clumps. And it doesn't even take that many coats to get there. ALTHOUGH, now that I see the pictures side by side, Benefit may have finally changed my ways! I think their drama's a little more natural looking, no?

Handbags and Hugs,


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top Ten Accessories to Transform Your Look

I'm a big accessories advocate. I subscribe to the school of thought that accessories hold the power to make or break an outfit. It's all in the details, people. The simplest t-shirt and jeans can look like the holy grail of street style with some - even one! - amazing statement accessories. Fashion jewelry is worth the investment in because it's timeless, and will always be able to elevate any passing outfit into luxe territory. So, I give you my top ten wish/dream/shopping list of accessories. Think about making one of them your next wardrobe-changing investment, or use them as inspiration to find your own versions.

Ann Dexter Jones Design's signature ID bracelet is an example of the rare perfect merge of classic and cool. This will literally never go out of style, and because it's understated, it's feminine yet bold. We're obsessed with this version, inlaid with wood. It's edgy, it's minimalist, it's striking - makes the investment so worth it.

Tom Binns' safety pin cuff is the most timeless form of punk chic. It's quirky and surrealist in the sense that it's a giant safety pin that wraps around your wrist, but thanks to its freedom from bling it's still an easy complement to any outfit and will always and forever be cool. It's either the perfect partner to a downtown look or just a hint of attitude for an outfit that's more reserved. 

Every girl needs som Dannijo in her life/jewelry box. These earrings define the brand's eclectic, uptown-meets-downtown, completely and utterly unique aesthetic. They promise to stand out against any outfit and/or any hairstyle - they're easily the coolest way to sparkle. 

We're constantly excited by how shockingly different in a very good way that Joomi Lim's jewelry is. It's opulence with edge - chains, spikes, pearls, crystals, rainbow threads - usually all in one piece. Can you statement-making? Investing in one of these necklaces - namely this stunner - is the smartest jewelry buy because it will forever reinvent your entire wardrobe. It will transform the most basic of t-shirts and crown printed dresses. 

Another thing every girl needs: a Maison Martin Margiela cuff. Sleek, minimalist, bold - definitively timeless in such a cool way. There is no outfit under the sun this cuff wouldn't go with - and instantly elevate. Bonus: sleek cuffs are SO in right now. 

Another form of rock-cool attitude that is so truly timeless. How can punk spikes be so incredibly elegant? These strike the ultimately perfect balance between feminine and tough. They're edgy but sparkle in a twinkly starlight kind of way, plus they're small and couldn't resist wearing these every single day. 

One of Pamela Love's favorite things is the arrowhead, so this ring is kind of like buying into her signature style. It's unique in a Southwestern-meets-downtown way - statement- making, unexpected and just a little gritty.


Are you getting the moral here, folks? Timeless, timeless, timeless. You will never not like a necklace that says "I love" in French. It's cute, it's sweet, it's feminine, it's fun - when would you not be able to wear this?

Made Her Think's starkly modern approach to edge makes this minimalist ring a must-have - you'll be hard-pressed to find something that mimics the line's style, specifically in this ring. Two simple bands linked by delicate chain - it's different enough to stand out but pared-back enough to wear everyday.

This is the perfect buy for the aspiring Rock Stud owner. You might not have $2,000 to drop on the bag, but these Rock Stud cuffs are tres affordable and pack the same punch. Just as you would with one of the bags, let it punctate any and every outfit with the most polished form of tough-luxe pop. 

Handbags and Hugs,