Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SOF Style Icon: Iggy Pop

I have a board on my Pinterest dedicated to my style icons, and I get so inspired and like, nostalgic for times I didn’t even experience when I look at it. I wanted to sort of embrace some of these people and their thought-provoking images even more, so I thought I’d start highlighting them one at a time in a regular post. Nothing crazy analytical – I’m starting with Iggy Pop today but I’m not going to write a thesis on why he was so influential in music and style, there are plenty of books and articles out there that do that. And because, really, I think you either connect with someone like this or you don’t. You feel it. A lot of you will look at this and think “Iggy Pop? Um, no?” because you don’t connect with him on any sort of style-inspiration level, and some of you will instantly get it. And there will be future “style icons” I post on that will get the exact opposite reaction from these different teams of thought. Without further ado, I give you pictures of a man whose influence on the way anyone dresses is ironic since he so often chooses to forego a shirt all together. 'bout them Varvatos ads!

Iggy and Johnny, from



Via Last FM

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Super Saturday 16

If you don't remember from last year, Super Saturday was July 27th. My absolute favorite day of the year. Better then my birthday, Christmas, Chanukah all rolled into one. I save my pennies all year long for this event. (And fine, Daddy does spoil me a bit at this event every year because I tell him to forgo birthday gifts and all of the money is donated to charity). OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation) hosts this event and raises money for their cause. I am so pumped about all of my purchases and all the money I saved that I just need to share it with you. If this doesn't convince you to buy a ticket next year I don't know what will!

Siwy Camilla Blossom Flower Denim Shorts
Retail $110
Paid $50

C Wonder Striped Cardigan
Retail $88
Paid $20

DL1961 Emma in Fool's Gold
Retail $168
Paid $60

DL1961 Emma in Nevis
Retail $168
Paid $60

Tommy Hilfiger Pocket Shirt With Piping
Retail $98
Paid $20

MIH Jeans, The Marrakesh, Mid-Rise, Kick Flare in Greyson
Retail $198
Paid $70

OKA b. Maxine Thong Sandals in Hot Chocolate and Pearl
Retail $40 each, total $80
Paid $15 each, total $30

Banana Republic Ipad Case
Retail $69
Paid $10

ICB Pebble Striped Shirt
Retail $300
Paid $60

ICB Tweed Jacket
Retail $625
Paid $150

Total Retail: $1,904
Total Paid: $539


Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Monday, July 29, 2013

Favorite Trends Popping Up in Street Style Shots

No one likes a Monday. Mondays are like Crocs or Clamato. But a little street style inspiration always gets me going, and thought it might help you, too. I’ve been using street style lately to fuel my thematicapproach to shopping – if it doesn’t fit one of my chosen trends for the season, I don’t buy it, and some of the trends I see popping up in street style shots are making it quite clear which looks I’m in love with.

Heavy Metal Goes Grunge Goes Punk:

 (Image via

  (Image via

   (Image via

   (Image via

   (Image via

Black & White:

   (Image via

(Image via

(Image via

Crazy Prints:

 (Image via MrNewton.Net)

   (Image via

(Image via

(Image via

(Image via

Handbags and Hugs,


Tmart 8pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Case Pink Review

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Opening the package, I already knew that it has eight pieces of brush made for specific use. However, I was surprised with the high quality bristles on the brushes. They look great on the picture when I shop, but I didn't set high expectations on it. I touched their bristles and I can immediately feel how carefully they were placed together. The handles are easy to hold and complete with parts that keep the bristles intact. The test comes when I tried them on my skin. First, I applied blush with the blush brush. Applying blush on, in my case at least, has never been this smooth and easy. The nylon fibers on the bristles help me balance the amount of blush to use on my skin. One of the reasons why I'm meticulous in choosing brushes and makeups is my sensitive skin. Some brushes don't feel safe on my skin. I tried the other brushes and felt the same comfort in applying makeup.

Another thing that I like about this product is the easy cleanup procedures. Other brushes I tried in the past are such a pain to clean! And I know that cleanup should not be a problem since I will simply remove the makeup stuck in its bristles. Nevertheless, this low price brush kit is easy to clean and even disinfect each piece without worries using rubbing alcohol. 


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