Thursday, May 22, 2014

Napoleon Perdis - New Product Launch!

In case you haven't already noticed, I am obsessed with Napoleon Perdis. His products are AMAZING and I have made this clear so many times; gifts for your BFF,  your momachieving the perfect red lip, their perfect gloss to complement a smokey eye, and I wear his products time and time again. I showed you my before and after look for a holiday party I attended, which I loved. 

I quickly got back to Bergdorfs to try two of his new products - the Auto Pilot Radiance-Boosting Mask and the Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation. His whole line is phenomenal and these two products are no exception. 

They started by applying the mask - which is an amazing prep mask. I cannot even put into words how amazing it smells, not to mention the results you get after using it! Honestly, this mask does everything you could wish for - softens and smooths skin, blurs fine lines, and is unbelievably moisturizing (thanks to Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E). After applying it to your face, and leaving it on for 15 minutes, you can wash or tissue it off. Easy peasy. You face will be instantly prepped for makeup. 

After the mask was applied, they applied the foundation. In general, I am NOT a foundation fan - it leaves my face feeling caked and gross. This foundation is now my exception. It was actually super embarrassing - the makeup artist started to apply a great feeling cream to my face (which felt nice and moisturizing), and I sat there patiently waiting for her to apply the foundation to be applied. Finally, I was like "okay, I'm ready for you to apply the foundation" and she then said, "umm, actually that's what I just applied". So, number one, I felt like a total moron, and number two, the "light cream" I thought she was applying was actually the foundation!   I couldn't believe that I couldn't feel it, and how amazing it looked (I think she showed me a mirror, because she wanted to prove it to me!). Other than how this product feels, my favorite part is the built in brush. What could be easier?

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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