Friday, May 2, 2014

What We're Wearing May 2nd 2014

Today I'm wearing Yes To™ Pomegranate lip balm. It is FINALLY getting warm out and the sun is shining! You are (at least you better be!) wearing moisturizer with sunscreen. Sunscreen is so important to protect your skin, but you can't forget your lips. I try to always wear a lip balm with SPF in it, which is why I'm wearing my pomegranate lip balm today. You can wear it alone, with a gloss, or with a lipstick. The benefits of this balm just don't stop - it's super hydrating, smells delish, protects your pout from the sun’s harmful rays, tiny packaging means you can pop it into any pocket, and when you buy it the company gives back to the environment! What more could you ask for? Now go and (safely) enjoy the sun. 

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


Yesterday I called upon my beloved, faithful Instagram friends to make a shopping decision, and I have something to confess. I did not take the majority's advice. Is this a betrayal of shopping crowd-sourcing? Perhaps. I feel quite guilty about it. I asked the question with the wholehearted intention to take any commenters' advice. But the more I looked at these dresses on in person, the more I fell in love with the longer, plaid Suno dress. Looking at the images again, I think this looked pretty frumpsville in the photo, hence the majority vote for the white Thakoon Addition dress. But in person, it was really non-frumpsville, and I thought it was much more unique than the Thakoon Addition. The TA is darling but I fear it could be found in Zara. And so, I share this with you out of a need to clear my conscience - I always carefully weigh your advice and need it to survive, but hope you'll forgive me not taking it 1% of the time as simply being a human with an Instagram problem.

And so today, I have the winner. Suno. Here it is in its seemingly awkward glory - but I promise if you meet it, you will think it's ridiculously awesome, because it is.


Thakoon Addition:


Handbags and Hugs,


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