Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beauty Secrets Revealed Volume VIII - Summer Edition and Giveaway!

Every month I share some of my beauty secrets (you can see previous posts below). I have an unlimited vault of them! This month is extra special – it’s a summer edition and features a giveaway! It's so easy to enter; all you have to do is send me an email at Suttonvanb@gmail.com and share your favorite beauty secret or tip! I will feature it in next month’s post and you will win all of this swag! Giveaway:
Kimberly Ovitz Olin Sweater & Awesome Beauty Products!

1.) Protect Your Hair From The Ocean And Pool!
I am in the Hamptons every weekend, which means I am swimming in the pool. I also love swimming in the ocean, especially when I'm in the Caribbean! Unfortunately, this wreaks havoc on my hair. Chlorine and salt water are both hair enemies. Don't worry I'm not telling you to skip a swim - just do it safely! Wet your hair BEFORE you swim. Hop in a shower, run it under a sink or pour a water bottle over your head, whatever's convenient. Your hair shaft absorbs and holds water when it gets wet. So, once you wet it with tap or bottled water it will be wet and won't absorb any chlorine or salt water!

2.) Rid Your Face of Oil ASAP
This weather, while gorgeous, can leave your face looking like a greasy, oily mess, especially if you wear makeup. Washing your face and re-doing your makeup numerous times a day is not an option. Blotting papers are my skin’s best friend all summer long. My favorite is Tatcha Beauty Papers. These handy, all-natural, gold flake papers will absorb all the oil without affecting your makeup.
3.) Keep Your Skin Soft and Clear All Summer Long
An exfoliator should be in your beauty arsenal all summer. It will leave your skin softer, brighter, and even out your skin tone. Summer heat and humidity can clog your pores; an exfoliator will zap that problem immediately.

4.) Stop Your Eye Makeup from Smudging
Think about this equation... Sweating, swimming or sticky weather + eye makeup = raccoon eyes. Seems obvious? Well, apparently, it's not because everywhere I look I see girls with melting eye makeup. Now, many waterproof mascaras have built in lash conditioners!

5.) Get Sexy, Wavy Beach Hair Anywhere
I love how my hair looks after a day at the beach. But, I live in NYC and Monday through Friday I cannot be at the beach (so sad and unfair as my mother spends as much time in the Hamptons as she pleases. A nine to five work week is foreign to her). Thankfully, I have found a solution: Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray by Evo. After showering, I mist this spray though my damp hair and am left with perfect, beachy waves. Extra bonus - it has protein to strengthen your hair!

Now that I have shared with you, it's time for you to reciprocate. Don't forget to email me at Suttonvanb@gmail.com with your own favorite beauty secret by next Friday August 16th so you have a chance to win the giveaway and have your tip show up next month!

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Enjoy the summer weather!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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