Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Refinery 29 DIY Paint Project

I saw this DIY on Refinery 29 and needed to make one for myself. It is super easy and anyone can do it.

You just need paint, brushes, a canvas, scissors, and painters tape. (I am using their pictures.)

Start by painting different colors randomly across the canvas. There are no rules here. Use any colors, paint stripes, splotches, circles, whatever your heart desires!

Once you've covered the entire canvas let the paint dry completely - don't be impatient!

Next, cut your tape into even pieces and place them on the canvas. (I did a different pattern.)

After all of the tape is down, paint over the entire canvas (covering the tape). They used white tape, as did I. You can use any color, but I recommend white - it will really pop!

Again, let the paint dry completely, if you remove the tape before it's dry your painting will get messed up. Once the paint is dry carefully remove each piece of tape.

You're done!

I did a different pattern with the tape - arrows instead of rows.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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