Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SOF Scoop: Jessica Faulkner

You know we live for introducing you to designers and spotlighting ones you love. Today, Jessica Faulkner, who we are so excited about because of her effortlessly cool, boy-meets-girl aesthetic. Creating the modern classics with pieces that are on-trend yet will always be so in style, So-Cal native Jessica embodies everything we love about LA style. 

Sobbing On Fifth: How did you get your start as a designer?
Jessica Faulkner: I started working with any fashion related company as soon as I started fashion school. I just worked my way up until I decided that I was ready to start my own label. Entrepreneurship is in my blood, so I knew that I wanted to have my own company from a young age. 

SOF: What or who were some of your biggest influences?
JF: My biggest influences are the strong confident women in my life that have always been supportive of my goals no matter how big and crazy they may be. And, Grace Coddington is the unsung hero of fashion.  

SOF: How was it to design your first collection?
JF: It was exciting and new and a lot of pressure. I feel like the most difficult part of designing my first collection was making changes to suit the needs of many different people. I learned quickly that you just can't please everyone. Now, I have a much stronger sense of balance in the design process.

SOF: What do you look to for inspiration when designing?
JF: I always travel to help inspire the main concept of the collection and then absorb as much about the culture, environment and people to help build out that concept. For the Spring/ Summer 2013 collection, the inspiration for the prints came from the Arabic Sea, Kuwaiti sunsets seen during a light sandstorm and palm trees that pop up like an oasis in the desert.   

SOF: How would you describe your personal style?
JF: Rebellious/feminine. 

SOF: Do you have any sort of style advice or mantra you live by?
JF: Less is more. Keep it simple.

SOF: Where would you like to see your line in five or ten years?
JF: I would like to become a market leader in women's fashion with an increase in product range including shoes and accessories. I would also like to open flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York. 

SOF: What is the last thing you bought?
JF: The last thing I bought was a pair of vintage blush suede Miu Miu heels from my favorite local vintage store, Buttons & Bows. 

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