Monday, March 10, 2014

Creepy Crawlers: The Very Creatures That Gross You Out Look Sick as Jewelry

Few people really love insects. A lot of people are actually scared of insects. I am part of the smaller percentage that can be reduced to tears if I have even a small reason to believe there may somewhere be an insect in the same room. So it surprised me more than anyone that I’m so drawn to insect-themed jewelry. I’ve gotten over the (I guess) irrational fear that the insects will come to life and break through the Lucite and kill me when I least expect it, and there’s something so darkly cool about the look. It helps, too, that most necklaces and bracelets capture beautiful, exotic beetles and the like and not the water bugs  that no New York apartment shower would be complete without. (Too bad those are not cool, because I could make a killing turning those things into rings…that is, if I could touch one without promptly fainting.) Without further ado, here are some especially covetable bug-related accessories online for your creepy shopping pleasure:




Image 1 of Designsix Lunel Ring

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