Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SOF Scoop: Alynne Lavigne Jewelry


Sophisticated yet fun, luxe yet accessible, unique yet wearable - we're obsessed with Alynne Lavigne jewelry for a lot of reasons - well-balanced reasons. The Canadian design duo infuses chic, minimalist creations with a healthy helping of personality and a dash of quirk, making their line really stand out. We heard from Alynne Lavigne and Eve Tobolka about what makes their brand tick.


Sobbing On Fifth: You started the line after becoming friends and realizing you were both jewelry-obsessed. What were you both doing before? Had you ever designed?

Alynne: I was getting a fine art degree and I used to make my own clothes a lot, Just a Girl-era Gwen Stefani was a pretty big influence for me growing up. 

Eve: I was completing a journalism degree. Summer camp craft time exploring the art of gimp, hemp, bead, and even wire jewelry were my jams.

SOF: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Pretty simple. I pair vintage with basics a lot.  Eve's the one with the wardrobe; she's my style icon/muse.

E: Anything goes as long as they’re all love pieces!  My husband calls it crazy.


SOF: Did you start the line with a certain aesthetic in mind? How would you say that’s evolved?

A: At first we were just collecting vintage jewelry, so when we started to design, there was already such a wealth of inspiration.  The design collection is still inspired by vintage, but those references get more specific with each season.  I love using ball chain - it’s a total nod to growing up in the 90's.