Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SOF Scoop: Danielle Ribner of Loup

Who among us does not want to look like a real Parisian? They are born with an intrinsic sense of style, and it’s all so effortless. One of our favorite lines, Loup, captures that chic factor that French girls do so well. The collections are like incredibly cool cheat sheets to mastering that effortless, fashion-forward but trend-transcending look. Having these pieces in your wardrobe means an easy-breezy getting ready routine: just wake up, slip into one of these ensembles, and boom. We talked to Loup’s designer, Danielle Ribner, about the brand’s blend of tomboyish and feminine, fashionable and classic, stylish and low-key.

Image of Indigo Windsor Overalls 

Sobbing on Fifth: Loup adapts quintessential French chic for the American girl – what about French style do you find so appealing?

Danielle Ribner: There's something effortlessly chic about French style that feels timeless and simple yet powerful. They're typically really great at taking clothes and making them feel really personal, and less trend driven. And I love how they make masculine items feel really feminine as well.

Image of Denim Surfer Dress 

SOF: What elements of French style do you think the American girl can adapt and work into her routine? Any style advice?

DR: I would say less is more when it comes to adapting French style to the American girl, and that’s what we try to do at Loup. Pairing a great dress with flats and just a bright red lip is an easy way to get that chic look in the Spring. Or if youre wearing a more casual t-shirt and pants look, throw on a bandana scarf and a messy bun. I also think wearing a more masculine, losoer jacket over a feminine look is a great way to get that effortless look. I think its all about keeping it simple and then adding one or two personal touches, and never trying too hard.

Image of Gray Bruno Dress 

SOF: Who would you say is your ultimate style icon?

DR: Jane Birkin is a huge influence at Loup, but Charlotte Rampling, Anjelica Houston and Lauren Hutton are also so endlessly iconic.

Image of Andre Dress 

SOF: Are there any women – French, American or from anywhere in the world – that you think exude that quintessential look effortlessly?

DR: Alexa Chung has seemingly effortless style and really shows her personality through her looks. I love seeing what Kate Bosworth wears, and I think she really personifies an easy American style. I also really love how artist Ana Kras presents herself.

Image of Striped Fira Dress 

SOF: Who is the “Loup girl” – who do you have in mind when you design?

DR: When I design, I try to create clothes for the modern girl who goes out and works everyday, but also likes to be creative and enjoys her free time, and of course loves the same French icons and vintage influences that inspire Loup. I try to give the Loup girl clothing they may love to find in a vintage store, but made to work in their modern lifestyle.

Image of Striped Coco Dress 

SOF: Is there anything or anywhere that inspires you from collection to collection beyond the theme of Parisian style?

DR: Oh yes, tons! I watch old movies all the time and that gives me a lot of inspiration. I love going to the galleries in NYC and seeing new and challenging art. I also just love watching women walking around New York, they are the ultimate inspiration.  

SOF: If you could be anywhere in France right now – a café, a gallery, a boutique, a spa, anything – where would it be?

DR: I would absolutely love to be at a cafe in Paris right now, drinking a coffee, eating a croissant and people watching all afternoon.

Image of Floral Teri Pants 

SOF: A question we always ask on SOF: What is the last thing you bought?

DR: The last thing I bought was a vintage red and navy blue striped t-shirt at Assembly in NYC. I'm pretty obsessed with stripes and there's basically no way I can say no to a vintage striped t-shirt.

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