Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beauty Secrets Revealed Volume XII - Skin Care Edition

While I love sharing all different beauty tips with you, this edition is all about your beautiful face!

1.) Keep Your Face Hydrated

Winter is especially harsh on your skin - notice your skin looks extra dry? That's because it isn't hydrated! It may have flaky patches, or even be extra oily this winter! Both are caused by dry skin. Your skin may show signs of dryness, or maybe your skin is overcompensating and producing extra oil. Not to worry, I have a quick fix - start applying moisturizer during the day. Sometimes only applying your cream morning and night isn't enough. If you're not wearing makeup, then it's easy - just apply like you do in the morning. If you are wearing makeup, just put moisturizer on you hands, run them together and pat onto you face.

2.) Clear Up You Skin With A Facial

If you get facials regularly, then lucky you. For the rest of us save up and get a facial at the beginning of each season. As the weather changes, so does our skin. It's almost spring so go book that appointment!
Have a facial at start of each season.

3.) Stop Wiping Germs On Your Face - With Your Phone

I have my iPhone glued to my ear all day. Unfortunately, cell phones are super germy and now you are wiping those germs all over your face. Keep some wipes (I use the mini alcohol wipes) in your bag and wipe off your phone often. Of course you need to be gentle, I'm not suggesting you soak your cell in a jar of rubbing alcohol!

4.) Stop Wiping Germs On Your Face - With Your Pillow

I can almost guarantee you aren't changing your pillow case often enough, especially if you don't always remember to take off your makeup at night. Don't worry, you don't have to change your sheets every few days, but you do need to change that pillow case. P.S. the same goes for the towels you dry your face with!

5.) Zap Pimples Quickly

Yes, this is an old time trick, but it really works! Have a zit coming on? Ugh, I know, it's torture! It's okay, you have products at home that will help! Just put a tiny layer of toothpaste, or a crushed up aspirin and water paste on that pimple before bed.

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