Wednesday, February 26, 2014

K. Nicole Couture Makes 16th Century European Monarch Fashion Perfect for Your Closet Now

One of my favorite new (new to me, anyway!) designers from this past NYFW was K. Nicole Couture. It’s a design duo consisting of Pennsylvania natives Kera Anderson and Nicole Styer, who have “set out to create a line that offers a mixture of ready-to-wear and couture pieces, with its tasteful selections of Italian prints and other luxury textiles.” The experienced fashion innovators cit “16th century crown molding, costume wear and royal charades” as inspiration. That aesthetic was the driving force of the FW14 collection – maybe that’s why I fell so hard for it, as a not-so-closeted European history freak. The amazing thing was that the line had all these costume elements and yet would be really wearable – it was the most modern, versatile and chic that such regal, opulent clothing could possibly be. As each new ensemble came down the runway, I kept thinking “that’s exactly what Ann Boleyn or Catherine Medici would wear if we were having dinner in DUMBO.” See for yourself:

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