Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easy-To-Do Curly Hair


I wouldn't describe my hair as curly, straight or wavy. It's sort of all three. If I blow it out it's smooth and bouncy, use a hair straightener it's straight and putting it in a bun makes it wavy-ish. I can now say, "why yes, my hair is curly, thank you for noticing. No, in fact, I did not use a curling iron". Okay, fine, I haven't really said that exact thing per se but you get the point. I have been using Beautiful Curls products on my hair.

First I shower and use the Beautiful Curls Shampoo. A blend of shea and plant extracts makes sulfate-free shampoo gentle and doesn't strip your natural oils. Don't worry, it does clean your hair, and your scalp won't be oily. Chamomile, coconut oil and shea this shampoo smelling yummy, yet light.

After shampooing, I squeeze out the excess water from my hair and apply the Beautiful Curls Leave-In Conditioner. I take it from roots to ends with my fingers, no need to rinse! It enhances my natural highlights (but doesn't color my hair, just leaves it looking brighter). This conditioner leaves my hair frizz-free and preps it for my final step.
Lastly, I use the Curl Defining Gel. This "gel" isn't your regular gel - it doesn't leave your hair crunchy feeling at all. Just soft and smooth. I use this gel three ways - in the picture above I combed my hair after applying the leave-in conditioner, waited until my hair air dried just a little bit. Then I separated my hair into sections and wrapped each section around my finger and held for a few minutes. After doing each section I repeated and then let my hair finish drying. Perfect ringlets! The second way I use this gel is to treat it like a mousse - flip my head upside down and scrunch it. This creates a thick, full head of curls. Lastly I will apply the gel to my wet hair and wrap my hair up in a bun on top of my head. After it is almost dry, (you can hit it with a blow dryer if you don't want to wait) and then take out the bun. This creates smooth waves.
Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

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