Monday, May 20, 2013

Kiss Marbleizing Pen & Polish

As I'm sure you know by now I LOVE doing designs on my nails. Recreating the perfect designs I had done at salons is a challenge but so worth the effort. I have a million nail polishes and nail tools, so it's no surprise that I needed to try Kiss's Marbleizing pen and polish kit.

The kit has everything you need to create a beautiful marbleized design. It includes an instructional booklet, three polishes in the same color family (each polish has a normal brush) but it also has a dotting tool.

The first step is to use the middle shade and paint your nails using the nail brush just like you would with a regular polish. You want the polish to be wet for the next step so I did one hand at a time and followed with step two. After finishing this manicure I would recommend only doing one finger at a time - and I will do that next time as this will create an even better marbleized manicure. But what can I say? You live and you learn.

Before waiting for your nails to dry you will want to use the lightest color to place two to three dots on your nail. The top of the polish has the dotting tool, no need to dip it - you just squeeze the bottle and the color dots out through the needle-like tool.

Finally, you will take the darkest color and squeeze the pen tip to swirl all three colors which makes the marbleized design. While I loved the finished design on my nails ,I know it would have come out even better if I had done each step one nail at a time but I was too lazy and impatient. Have you ever heard the saying "The lazy man works twice as hard"? Well, shout out to my Dad who says that to me all the time because this was a perfect example! (On another note, how rude is he?).

These nail polish pens can, of course, help you to make a marbleized nail design but the possibilities for them are truly endless. I also used them to make a cute polka dot manicure, but you can also create flowers, lines - really any design is possible!
Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

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  1. Love the nails!!!! Too cute!