Thursday, May 23, 2013

What an Andrew Jackson Gets You at River Island

It's been a while since we've done a "What an Andrew Jackson Gets You at..." post, but frankly, now's the time. I'm still recovering from the spring sample sale rush - on my fainting couch with a cold compress and my phone turned on silent to avoid the calls from the credit card companies - and summer's travel plans are kicking into gear. Any of my shopping NEEDS to be cheap, but that doesn't mean it can look cheap. Today, a fast, easy and cheap accessory update from River Island.

I love a little dose of the classic anchor motif for summer - it's less commitment than a nautical, pin-up-y tattoo, but just as cool. And these earrings are only $3.00.

We all know by now that midi rings are a must-have complement to your regular ring routine, and that fingers look just plain naked without them now - oh you did NOT know that? Well, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to you! How does it feel to have emerged from that rock you've been living under for so long? Anyway, simple, thin, minimalist is the way to go, and these pointed rings are perfect - plus you KNOW how I feel about getting more than one of something for this kind of price. TWO for $4.00? DUH.

I've been slow to embrace the earcuff trend simply because even though I LOVE so many of the styles I see, I just don't know if I'd look ridiculous wearing one. But THIS one - so sweet, so simple, yet still statement-making - it's perfect. And it's only $6.00, so even better.

Simple, delicate, pretty yet cool - the kind of bracelet you never have to take off. And just $6.00.

So, that brings us to $19.00 - for four items that can reinvent your everyday look. OR, I found a few awesome sets for $10.00, so you could get any two of these for an equally amazing transformation at $20.

Color-pop, graphic friendship bracelets, set for $10.00!

Double necklace, double global-traveler cool, $10.00.

Sweet yet tough ring set, $10.00.

Ring party, meet earcuff party - a set for the effortlessly accessorized girl, $10.00.

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  1. don't know what it is about anchors but i always run to them:)