Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why You Need Deborah Lippmann's Fast Track Set

Clearly, I love at home manicures. I have given you tips on how to dry polish quickly, and easy designs for you to try. No surprise that I tried and loved DeborahLippmann's Fast Track Set.

This set includes five things that are guaranteed to have your nails looking perfect in no time. First there is the cuticle oil. I am basically terrified of doing anything to my cuticles because it freaks me out and I am scared of getting some kind of infection or cut. With that said, I, surprisingly, like this cuticle remover. It's very gentle, just apply a drop or two to each nail. Then I VERY GENTLY pushed back my cuticles with an orange stick.

After my cuticles were perfect and I used a bit of polish remover to remove any residue, I used the 2 second nail primer. Similar to how makeup primer helps makeup stay put longer, this nail primer helps your nail polish last longer. One swipe over each nail literally evaporates in two seconds!

Now time for polish - as always, use a base coat. The fast track set includes the Fast Girl Quick-Dry Base Coat. It prepped my nails for the polish and really was fast drying - great for me as you know I love instant gratification.

Now of course it is time for polish. Use whatever color tickles your fancy! Let them dry for about two minutes.

Back to the Fast Track Set - after you have polished your nails, it's time for the addicted to Speed Top Coat. This top coat dried my nails quickly and left them very shiny.

Now that your manicure is dry, shiny and overall perfect you can help keep your nails looking gorgeous by applying the cuticle oil regularly. This oil keeps your cuticles hydrated.

Go enjoy your perfect manicure which people will think you had done at a salon.

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