Thursday, May 16, 2013

Top Shelf Makes Online Shopping the Most Effective, Time-Efficient and All-Around Wonderful

Top Shelf Founder, Katie Nadler

The interwebs. Infinity. An online galaxy. How many sites are there to shop? A million? A BILLION? Okay, probably not, but it feels like it, doesn't it? And I mean, they're all good. When I want a cheap, fast-fashion, on-trend thrill, there are about fifteen sites I have to check before I feel like I"ve been thorough enough to make a purchase. Frankly, guys, it's exhausting. Even if I am doing it in my pajamas in my living room.

What if you're on a time crunch? But you don't want to buy the first thing you see - that's anti-showrooming and therefore ANTI-THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF ONLINE SHOPPING. Breathe. There is hope. Top Shelf has heard your stressed-out prayers.

Top Shelf does the work for you. You sign up and create a profile so that the site knows your individual sense of style, favorite brands and budget. You can even - wait for it - import your online shopping history! Top Shelf creates a closet for you out of these past buys, and then suggest things to style with those items. How crazy is that? So it goes beyond personalizing some good shopping suggestions, it actually suggests things you and ONLY you need in your closet. It caters to the individual, something creator Katie Nadler stresses. This site goes above and beyond to bring you links to items you need and want, and your selections won't be the exact same as anyone else's, you little snowflake, you. You'll get a lookbook of five ensembles a week from Top Shelf's stylists, and these ensembles will be the result of coming the ENTIRE internet for pieces that are your style, in your budget, from your favorite brand and go with things you already have. So, you can know that not one stone is unturned, yet it only took you five minutes to get just what you wanted.

Look book examples:

The site is definitely reaching the goal Nadler set out with when she created Top Shelf - it's bringing you the best of the best of what you want, and saving you a ton of time along the way. It's like having a personal stylist - or whole team, for that matter - but you don't need to make Jennifer Lawrence-style cash to get that perk!

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