Monday, May 13, 2013

Get Beauty Ready For Summer

Summer is just around the corner. I cannot wait and I am sure you feel the same way! I have already told you about using self-tanner, but here are a few tips to get you summer-ready from head to toe.
You need to start by exfoliating. Dry winter skin is not a good look when you get into your shorts and sandals. You need to buff that all away. Get a good scrub to use from the neck down so you are super smooth in those summery dresses. After getting in the shower, use your scrub everywhere. I recommend turning off the shower first so that you are not scrubbing and having it wash right off. Glob on some scrub and buff from the neck down – don’t press too hard and irritate your skin. Use your scrub before shaving. After your shower, you will definitely want to moisturize.
Having any beakouts on your back or arms is not a good look while wearing your tank top so you will want to zap those marks immediately. When you shower, use a body wash with benzoyl peroxide in it, this will clear your skin in a jiffy. Use this wash similarly to the way you would use a face mask. After you get in the shower and you have wet your skin, apply the body wash and leave it on for a few minutes. Don't rinse right away like you would with a regular body wash. Turn off the shower or face the shower head away from the area of the body where you have applied this wash and let it do its magic before rinsing. After you shower and pat dry your skin, invest in a spot treatment and apply to any marks, then let it dry for a few minutes before getting dressed.  


Now time for sunscreen! You know how much I love Hampton Sun products so that is what I use. You should always apply before you are wearing any clothing or your bathing suit. This way you can have the sunscreen everywhere and you won’t get burned when your bra or suit straps move at all. For your body, head to toe, you should use approximately a shot glass full of sunscreen - no, you do not actually need to fill a shot glass but you get the idea of how much to be using!
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  1. Great tip!!! I think I need to do some summer skin prep too :)