Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Go Red for February!

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National Wear Red Day was February 1st, but since fighting heart disease in women is a year-long, life-long battle, a lot of people celebrate the whole month of February by "going red." We can't think of anything more fashionable. Red lipstick just got a whole lot more necessary - you can show your devotion to beating heart disease all year round with a cherry-hued pout. We want to see heart disease go down and we're so inspired by the women who fight it. So, to celebrate, we're making February a celebration of red - and these amazing women - on Sobbing On Fifth. You'll see shots of what we're wearing that's red on the blog and our Instagram account (@SobbingOnFifth) - and we'll be pinning to a Go Red board on our Pinterest. And we want you to participate, too! Let's get together and show heart disease who's boss. Wear something that's red, snap a picture and send to us at We'll post on our blog AND pin it to the Pinterest board! We'll show just how chic red is together. And don't forget to visit the Go Red site for information on heart disease, donating to the cause and more.

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  1. who can resist this calls for attention and power right away...