Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rochambeau FW13

Have you ever seen a menswear collection so good that it wouldn't be sufficient to see your boyfriend dressed in it, but you yourself have to wear it? Cross-dressing would never be so fashion-forward. Rochambeau's FW13 collection is that collection. I need everything from it. You need everything from it. I want our boyfriends and guy friends to be dressed in it, too, so we can see it in front of our faces all the time, but I want us to be in it, too. These pieces are the secret to that seemingly unattainable effortless cool. There are layers that lend themselves to edgy proportions yet seem anything but bulky or contrived - everything works together in a harmonious blend of urban attitude. Designers Joshua Cooper and Laurence Chandler reinvent the kind of menswear you can wear everyday with beautifully tailored yet laid-back jackets, minimalist coats with unexpected details, and slim cut shorts worn over patterned leggings that give outfits just a pop of eye-catching style. This isn't your average suit or top-and-trousers dressing. The urban warrior look that Rochambeau does so well is ever present in hoods, black layers, dramatic silhouettes and sharp finishes, but the overall effect is wearable and irresistibly cool.

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