Friday, February 1, 2013

What We're Wearing

Remember scrunchies? While awful looking you must admit they didn't pull out any hair, came in a million colors and didn't leave any dents. (What's worse then having a great blow out and putting your hair up for a bit just to end up with an awful crease through it?) No, I am not suggesting you time travel to the 80s and bring back scrunchies because I found an amazing alternative. The Twistband does all the same things without making you look like a total dork. They come in a ton of colors and look adorable on your wrist, like a piece of stretchy ribbon.

PS- I just found out you can custom print them, Sobbing On Fifth ties anyone?

Perfectly Glosses Kisses,


This rag & bone varsity jacket is the end all, all - it's so warm and cozy. I lusted after it for like three months and finally nabbed it in the final stages of one of Net-A-Porter's semi-annual sales - SUCCESS! It makes me happy, as do all rag & bone jackets. I kind of went for a varsity jacket-inspired cheerleader look with a print-clashed sweater and pleated skirt (from Target and...Target, I think!) and my Be & D high heel sneakers. 

Handbags & Hugs,