Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Makeup Shelf Life

In case you haven't noticed, I love makeup. Yes, I do have a plethora, but I have one (okay five) makeup bags full. I also have different items floating around all my bags, bathroom vanity, closet, basically over my apartment. Pinkie swear I opened my sock drawer this morning and found an Urban Decay eye shadow. Some may call me a hoarder, but I can't help it! If I see something I don't own I obviously have to buy it. I love changing up my looks, smoky eyes, red lips, bright shadows, etc. I do not want to have one makeup palette and do the same look every day, bor-ing. With that said, you may love your products but that doesn't mean you get to keep them forever. Do you drink milk past its expiration date? I didn't think so. I am going to break down how long you can keep your loved products. If any of your products start to have a funky smell or change consistency you know to toss them ASAP, but it isn't always that obvious, you really need to keep track of when you purchased and opened them. I know it sounds crazy but I do recommend writing the date right onto the product.

2 to 4 months
Unfortunately, this product has the shortest life. Hopefully you are using it enough that you will run low before you need to toss it. You will know it's past its due date if it starts to get clumpy. Every single time you pull the mascara wand out, apply to your eyes and stick it back into the tube it collects bacteria. Pink eye, redness, itchiness, sties? No, thank you. Also, I know you will let your BFF share your Prada bag and in turn she will let you wear her Chloe jacket. While I admire your generosity, mascara should not be held to the same standard. Mascara sharing is a sure way to share germs, eww.

Liquid 2 to 4 months and pencil 2 to 4 months (unless you are sharpening it regularly.)
Liquid eyeliner is similar to mascara and will only last two to four months. But a pencil eyeliner can last much longer. When you use a sharpener you are removing the part that is close to your eye and are therefore removing the bacteria ridden area, yuck. PS- you need to clean your sharpener, as well!

POWDER: foundation, blush and eye shadow
2 to 3 years
Powders can last a long time if you treat them right. If you apply with a brush, clean it regularly so that it doesn't spread germs to the powder. If you apply products with your finger, make sure you wash your hands! You will know it's time to toss when the product starts to become flaky.

Water based 6 to 12 months and oil based 12 to 18 months
The upside of these liquids is that you don't need to directly dip your fingers or a brush into them to get the product, therefore you are not adding any bacteria to the product. Definitely time to say goodbye if the product is separating into layers even after shaking it up. 

Gloss: 1 year and lipstick: 2 years
If you lipstick becomes dry you know it's time to toss, and if your gloss is extra sticky say bye-bye to that as well. If you have a ton of lipsticks and like to change up your looks (aka you are not wearing the same one every day) store them in the fridge and they will last longer.
8 to 10 years
Of course if your perfume smells weird it is time to get rid of it, which is quite obvious because you wouldn't wear it anyway! As you learned in my perfume post you should store them somewhere dark.

1 to 2 years
This is another product, like lip gloss and lipstick, that will last longer in the fridge. If you love your polish and have a hard time tossing it, then get some nail polish thinner and add it to a polish that seems a bit clumpy. (A few drops of nail polish remover will work almost as well). Add that and shake it up. If it is STILL clumpy and separated it's time to cut your losses.
Shampoo and conditioner: 3 years
Shower gel and bar soaps: 3 years
Bath oils: 1 year
Hairspray (and other alcohol-based hair styling products) 4 to 5 years
Shaving cream and deodorant: 2 years
Sunscreen: check the expiration date (sunscreen will always have an expiration date on it, and will not work past that date!)
Body lotions and creams: 2 years

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