Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What an Andrew Jackson Gets You at Forever 21

Back for more $20 accessory updates - what can I say, I'm an accessories junkie and sometimes it's good to get a new look with what I was going to spend on lunch. Or something. And I have a feeling you don't mind, either. Today, Forever 21. I don't shop at Forever 21 for anything other than jewelry, nor do I condone doing so for any of you (::cough, cough:: flammable). But when it comes to fast fashion, trend-du-jour accessories, why not? They've got good stuff, and it's cheap.

Chunky yet glamorous chokers and short necklaces are a must right now, perfect for peeking out of collared shirts and contrasting a tomboyish look with a flash of opulence. At $12.80, this one surely beats any of the pricier versions you'll see, and it packs just as much sparkle.

Or, take an edgier approach with this rhinestone-embellished spike necklace. The spikes sort of have this bullet/icicle effect - pretty directional stuff for Forever 21, and makes it look way more than its $7.80 price.

A set of bracelets is always going to the best deal because you're getting a few bracelets for the price of one - in this case, the low price of $7.80. You can wear them alone, together, or as part of even bigger stack. And these are feminine and glamorous enough to stand on their own or create a really cool mix.

Nothing's better than when an accessory strikes the perfect balance of edgy and feminine - it will literally complement every outfit, for anyone's style, with a hint of glamour and a hint of attitude. Plus, the contrast is just so cool. This bracelet, with glittering beads and spikes, sums up that aesthetic, and all for $4.80. 

How fun is this chain ring set? It will add a pop of color to your look without stealing the show - bold yet subtle. And totally easy to wear with any ensemble - for just $3.80. 

This ring has some Pamela Love attitude going on. It's edgy but not flashy - very Southwestern cool. And just $3.80.

Geometric jewelry sharpens your look with cool, and the results are instant and effortless. These earrings will punctuate your look on just the right note - sleek but directional. And it's kind of unbelievable that they're just $3.80. 

Just $6.80, these earrings look much richer than their price. They will lend your look a dose of vintage glamour, providing an opulent finish that can either complement ladylike outfits or pop against edgier ensembles.

With these low prices, you can score a multitude of different combinations. Get the crystal choker for $12.80 and the bracelet set for $7.80. Or, instead of the bracelet set, you could get both the spike bangle and the colorful chain ring set. You could get the spike necklace with the chain ring set, Pamela Love-style ring AND geometric earrings. You could get the vintage-looking earrings with the spike bangle and the spike necklace - you get the idea. I'm not a mathematician but I know the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Gorgeous jewelry! And so reasonable for the price!