Monday, August 6, 2012

Fall Uniform

Some people are "jeans-and-T-shirt-kind-of-girl"s. I don't even know what that phrase means. My casual look is always a dress and flats, whether it's sandals, ballet flats or boots. To me, a dress is even easier than jeans and a T-shirt, because you throw it on and you're done. Plus, jeans are my mortal enemy, basically. 

But fall is coming, and fall is my own personal New Year's - it's when I make my resolutions and start over, because I've been a hopeless slave to fashion and its seasons since I was six. And this year, I think my look needs a little change. Not drastic but refreshing: what if I (gasp), went from dresses to sweater-and-skirt combinations? Specifically, graphic sweaters, leather skirts and embellished loafers? Those are my three favorite things this fall, and there are so many to choose from. I don't like to repeat outfits too much, but I feel like this look sums up my fall uniform:

This Markus Lupfer sweater (available at Revolve Clothing) is one of my favorite renditions of this season's pop-art mini trend.

This Patteron J. Kincaid pleated leather skirt (available at Neiman Marcus) is just the length and silhouette I want for some slouchy sweaters - I'd choose a longer A-line style for more close-cut knits. But for my everyday casual look, a loose sweater and this sweet style are all I need.

These Miu Miu loafers are my everything. (Available at Net-A-Porter.) Baroque, opulent, statement-making yet flat so I can wear them everyday.

So, what will your fall uniform be? I'm literally dying to know, so please share. This could be the fall you refresh your look, too, and it's a good excuse for extra shopping. I highly recommend it.

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