Thursday, August 16, 2012

Favorite DIY Blogs

DIY is basically my favorite thing. Who doesn't love taking a bunch of old stuff and making something totally amazing! Sometimes I can come up with my own ideas, but when I'm at a loss the following blogs are where I head to get some inspiration.

'Honestly WTF' is sometimes what I actually think to myself when looking through this blog. They have DIY for so many different things; jewelry, clothing, shoes, hats and more. This is a great blog for everyone from beginners to DIY experts. They tell you exactly what materials you will need and step by step instructions which makes everything much less frustrating. Some other blogs have great crafts that are fun to make but you end up with something thinking ‘where the heck would I ever wear this?’ But not here, you actually want to make these ideas because you will truly want and will use them!

This site is a mixture of all things fashion DIY, clothing, jewelry, sunglasses and more. They give great step by step instructions so you won’t get lost during your craft. She also writes blog entries, to see her DIY section just click the link on the right hand side and enjoy!


This site is perfect if you want to be walked through every step, it makes even the most challenging projects do-able. They have a large range or projects from nails, clothes, headbands, and more, trust me, you WILL find something that interests you. Plus, the author of the blog is writing a book, I can't wait!


If you're a DIYer that likes to make clothes then this is the blog for you. Who knew you could take an old pillow case and make it into an adorable dress?! Style-wise, there is something for everyone: ripped-up tees to girly tutus, but, some of her projects are hard and you may need to spruce up your sewing skills.



This is probably one of the most well-known DIY sites out there, and for good reason, it’s great! Craft and style guru Erica Domesek does accessories, fashion, jewelry and lifestyle crafts. She gives a picture for inspiration and then the craft. She shows the supplies you will need and basic instructions, but she doesn't give step-by-step instructions so some of it is up to your interpretation - feel free to get inspired and be creative! 

Are there any DIY sites I should check out? Let me know at

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