Friday, August 17, 2012

Strawberry Nails

I'm already pretty much feeling the summer-is-almost-over blues. So I decided to cheer myself up by doing some summery nails!

These are the supplies that I used: black, red and green polish, as well as a tiny paint brush.

Then I just did two coats of red polish and let it dry. (Yes, I know that it was messy and I have red polish all over my fingers and cuticles, but it’s funny you should mention that because I actually never asked you and

I will remove it, so relax!)
Now you want to use the paint brush to put the green stems on the moon area of your nail. I found it to be easiest to pour out some of the green polish and dip the brush in when needed. Don't worry about it being perfect, I hated the way the first one came out, but by the time I was done with all the nails it looked cute.

I let the leaves dry and cleaned off the paint brush (okay, fine, I didn't. I just let the green polish harden on it so that I had to throw it out after this manicure, but 'do as i say not as I do') Then I did the same thing with the black polish, poured a bit out and just did little dots for seeds.

Once done I let it dry and put on a clear top coat. After finishing my nails, both Astor and I cheered up and had to go out to celebrate August!

I want to see your summery mani! Email me a picture to and who ever sends the best one will win a Yu-Be skin polish (one of my favorite face scrubs!) Valued at $18

So go get painting and email me your mani by 9pm on Monday night and I will announce the winner Tuesday morning!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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