Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beauty Secrets Revealed Volume II

I love knowing any beauty-related tips and secrets. I (generously if I do say so myself) shared some with you already. I am going to share a few more with you. If you are selfishly hoarding some of your own secrets, you better email me at and share them. And include your name, if I love it I will feature it next month and give you credit!

1.) Double the Life of Your Nail Polish
     If you store your nail polish in the fridge it will last much longer vs storing it at room temperature. But keep in mind you need to take it out of the fridge and let it warm to room temperature before you use it. So spur of the moment manis will not happen!

2.) Refreshed Eyes
     Speaking of storing things in the fridge, pop your eye cream in there as well. Everyone knows about putting cold spoons on your eyes to de-puff them. And everyone knows how adamant I am about eye cream. If you store your eye cream in the fridge you will be de-puffing eyes every morning when you apply it. This will leave you feeling awake and refreshed.

3.) Look Wide Awake Instantly
     Above the corner of your eye (next to the bridge of your nose) there is a small vein. Putting a tiny dab of concealer on that spot (even if you don't have time to do a full face of make-up) with perk you up. Well, actually, you will still be tired BUT at least you wont look it.

4.) Train Your Hair
     If you suffer from oily hair you need to send it to boot camp for training. Every time you wash your hair you are stripping it of your natural oils. In turn your hair will start to product more oil ASAP. So force yourself to skip a few washes. (I know this is a challenge, but master the slick back ballerina bun). If you continue this, you will eventually train your hair as you won't constantly be stripping it and in turn you will be letting your follicles know they don't need to overproduce oil.

5.) Soft Feet in a Snap
     Dry, cracked feet are gross. This is a giant pet peeve of mine. Getting weekly pedicures would be super helpful for this issue, I know because that's what I did in high school. Of course, that is not an option any longer *sigh*. But I have a secret that is almost as good. After showering, glob a lot of Vaseline on your feet. The thicker the better. Now just slip on some cotton socks. This will trap the Vaseline inside the socks. Sleep in the socks and you will wake up to soft tootsies!

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  1. If you're going to store nail polish in your room, just make sure you don't mistake it for ketchup or Grey Poupon in the middle of the night.

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    1. Thank you! We love you too, and we love your blog!

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