Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Company You Should Know: BA Star (And 50% Discount!)

I love, love, love hearing about and trying out products from companies that are new to me. Because I love you all so much I felt obligated to share my latest find: B Star's Natural Shadow Palette. It's perfect to go from day to night.

During the day I used the first three shades. I applied the lightest (nude) on my brow bone, the bronze shade all over my lid and cocoa, the darkest shade as a liner and blended it into the crease. These three mineral shades lasted all day without smudging or giving me raccoon eyes.

The palette also comes with two gel glitters. For a night out I would recommend using one of them as an eye liner to give you just a touch of sparkle. I wanted you to see just how glittery they come out so I applied the crystal color on my brow bone and the gold color all over my lid. This look is over the top: I wouldn't wear it day to day, but would be perfect for a crazy night out! While it is a lot to wear all over your lid and brow bone for a dinner, a glitter eyeliner can be just the right amount of glamour for evening.

Because I love you and want you to enjoy these products as much as I do you can now get a 50% discount! Just go to BASTAR.com and enter the discount code BBSMOKY

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,

Disclosure: This BA Star eyeshadow palette was sent to us, but as with any brand or product, the review is our honest opinion - we don't hold back!

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