Monday, April 1, 2013

Looksima is Worth Taking a Look (Sorry, Had to!)

So, I’m kind of obsesses with this new site, Looksima – well, obsessed-slash-green-with-envy, as its whole idea is what I dream of doing as a living: telling people what to buy to best suit their style. There are thousands of e-commerce sites out there, even more different looks, and infinite ways to express your style, so it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are bossy-in-a-good-way people like me, or Looksima, who can help you navigate it all.

When you sign up for Looksima, you take a style quiz that breaks down your individual look that’s all you and only you, and then it helps you shop accordingly. The answers might surprise you – I’m 40% classy, 33% bohemian and 27% edgy, and I would have thought I was all edgy. But when I saw how they put looks together for me, I get what they mean. I like a little minimalism, I like me some lace – they get me better than I get myself, apparently. 

Once you get your style personality confirmed, Looksima’s team of top stylists assembles whole looks for you, and you can click on a look to shop it. The pieces are from all different online stores, so the stylists are taking all the searching out of shopping for you – it’s all right there, couldn’t be easier, faster or more foolproof. I’ll definitely be using this baby to shop. And if you want to, sign up here!

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