Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Buy and Sell on Shop-Hers

We talk about this a lot lately, and it makes sense, because we can all relate to the closet cleanout blues. You find things in your closet you realize you never ever wear. You want some extra cash to buy something you will wear. And just because you don’t wear those closet-fillers doesn’t mean they’re not totally amazing. Maybe it just doesn’t fit your body type just right or it’s not exactly your style. But someone else would love it. It’s in perfect condition. So you take it to the interwebs, and it sits on eBay for two months, while you rack up eBay fees every time you relist. You finally give up and take it to a consignment shop. You get $30. It was $650. And you wore it once. 

Enter Shop-Hers. The friendly, fashionable and fair new site where you can sell your little treasures for a price you deserve. And where you can find incredible designer wears for less than almost anywhere. And have fun doing it, and not have to sift through thousands of depressing eBay photos.

Shop-Hers founder Jaclyn Shanfeld was working in the modeling agency business when she decided to turn her fashion expertise on a void in the market that she, personally, was seeing. She found herself buying a new dress or outfit every week for a wedding, party or special event. She'd wear the look once and then it would just sit in the closet - sound familiar? We've all been there, and it gets expensive. Buying something new all the time, then not even getting much use out of it, and that money's just gone forever? Something just doesn't seem fair there. And Jaclyn tried what we all try - eBay, the consignment shops - but those methods don't promise much, if any, return.

So, she started her own haven for those of us who want to be able to have the right look for an occasion but then still be able to get the things we want without skipping rent. On Shop-Hers, you can pass those amazing things you know you won't wear again on to someone who will, and then you can spend the money you earn on your next wish list topper.

What makes Shop-Hers different from all the other sites? It's easy, it's fun, it's fashionable. You're selling your wonderful finds, you're buying amazing, mint-condition treasures, and you're doing it in a space that's fast, easy, simple and chic. There's no eBay-like clutter, no poor quality finds - basically Jaclyn wanted to create a consignment space that's like experiencing Net-A-Porter with its clean, stylish feel. And she, along with Jenna Stahl, former Creative Director at, achieved just that.

Then there is the sizing factor. If you name one reason why you might tend to try and avoid online shopping, it would be fit, wouldn't it? For some strange reason (and this will change when I'm president...of fashion...or something), every brand runs differently when it comes to sizing. Sometimes sizing is even different withIN the same brand! So Shop-Hers takes the guess work out of figuring out your size by taking your dimensions. They then match you with sellers, style friends and great buys based on your measurements. Guaranteed fit.

And speaking of guarantees, authenticity is guaranteed, too. If you're like me, you've spend hours nose-to-screen with your computer trying to analyze the grainy serial number photo on an eBay page for a Chanel bag with a price that may or may not be too good to be true. That's just silly, so Shop-Hers has authenticators who inspect everything sold on the site - and your credit card doesn't get charged until your item's authenticity is confirmed. No risk.

So, those are two major reasons for return knocked out of the way, but that doesn't mean Shop-Hers doesn't understand when something still just doesn't work - I think by now you'd be shocked if they didn't. They get it. And they also don't want you as a seller to suffer, either. If something is returned, Shop-Hers buys it back, no cost to the buyer or the seller. The seller's never even bothered about it. I mean...

Basically, this seems to be a site to sell and buy on from girls just like us - who ARE us - and they get exactly what we want our selling/shopping experience to be.

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