Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Trend: Hot Pink Lips

QUESTION: I keep seeing hot pink lips everywhere. But I am really pale and not sure I can pull off this look without looking like a clown! Any advice? -Jessica, CT
As you can see, hot pink lips are one of this seasons biggest beauty trends. Fun and exciting or over the top? Well, it's actually both! To answer Jessica's question this look CAN be worn by anyone - if done correctly.
Follow these tips and I promise you will look gorgeous, no matter who you are.
First, keep in mind what other makeup you will wear while you're rocking this trend. Your eye makeup should be very subtle. Use a light or nude color and mascara on your eyes. Shimmer, winged eyeliner, a smokey eye, anything bold or stand-out is not going to work with bright pink lips. You will also want to forego the blush - unless you are a tiny fairy you do not want pink lips and pink cheeks.
Secondly, you need to apply this color correctly. If you don't know what exact shade you should wear, stop by a makeup counter and try some out. Once you have your complementary hot pink shade, you need to prep your pucker before applying. Unlike red lips, this shade does not need a lip liner. To stop the color from bleeding outside of your lips, you can apply a bit of foundation over your lips. After you apply the first coat of lipstick, blot your lips - a tissue will absorb the moisture in the lipstick so the color will last longer (this tip applies to all lipstick shades). Now you can apply the second coat (that you won't blot). Using a lip brush will give you a more precise application.
Lastly, have fun with this trend! Like a short dress enjoy your summery look. With confidence you will pull off the hot pink lipstick look.
Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


  1. I'd love to try bright pink lips but I think I'm too pale for it! Maybe ill just go and give it a go x

    1. It can work on any complexion with the right shade, go for it!