Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting Your Hair Done is a Glamorous Affair at Salon Ruggeri

Located in a brownstone in Murray Hill, Salon Ruggeri may be one of the most beautiful spaces I have seen, not just in a salon. After being there I decided that I hate my apartment and need to redecorate immediately. (I explained my dilemma to my daddy and apparently getting a crystal chandelier isn't a 'life necessity'). While sitting in the salon I felt like I was just sitting in someones beautiful brownstone, which is basically what this salon is. Style and colorist Gregorio Ruggeri and interior designer Craig Longhurst worked together to create my new favorite hair salon.

I met with Cassie, an Australian-native who is a colorist and stylist (of over ten years!) who looked at my hair before doing anything. Salons that first shampoo your hair and look at it wet while you try and describe what kind of cut you want just don't cut it, excuse the pun. Whose hair looks the same wet as dry? For that matter who wears their hair wet all the time? Right, no one. Anyway, she spent a long time with me discussing how I like to wear my hair and making sure she totally understood the kind of cut that I wanted and thoroughly explained what she was thinking before doing anything. Sometime I wear my hair straight, sometimes curly and sometimes I'm lazy and just let it dry. Clearly I am a complex person and I needed a complex cut.

The salon is by appointment only and they only allow one appointment/customer at a time. Because this salon caters to its customers we were able to chat while she cut my hair instead of listen to other people talking and blow dryers, running water, etc. Everything from interior design, decorating tips, where to shop and more. Completely felt like I was just sitting with a friend!

One of my favorite parts of this experience was the tips that she shared with me. My favorite one: I complained that my hair is too greasy and she gave me a tip that was totally new to me which pains me to admit. She suggested that I shampoo my hair TWICE when I wash it (and how I should be only washing three to four times a week). Apparently, when your hair is naturally oily the first shampoo removes the oil and product buildup but doesn't actually clean your hair and scalp! Being that she gave tips for me specifically, who knows what you would learn!

She also went over different products that I should be using and how to use them. Anyone can recommend a product but most wont take the time to explain how it works and how it should be used.

As you can see, I was thrilled with my haircut and couldn't wait to show it off!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,