Thursday, April 18, 2013

From Sporty to Ladylike, Find Your Way to Work the Sheer Trend with this Sweet Relish List

Made another Sweet Relish list! This one's all sheer - sheer madness! Okay, sorry. Anyway, sheer is a major trend and I kinda love it, especially now that there are so many options for wearing it without being rather indecent (camis, leggings, cropped tanks - all my best friends now). It can be tricky to wear, but if you look hard enough, you'll find some key pieces that you can pick up for an instant wardrobe update. Sheer jackets, sheer skirts with leggings, sheer dresses with slips - it can be effortless yet cutting edge. Head to my list for some shopping inspiration - preview below!


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  1. Transparencias! Adoro poder leerte. Quiero invitarte a echarle un ojo a mi ultimo shooting, Skinny y cuentame que es lo que más te ha gustado. Besosotes.