Monday, April 29, 2013

Why the Ultimate Luxury of Moda Operandi Can Work for Gals on a Budget - A Lesson in Saving

Exhibit A: Del Toro shoes, full price $340, but that means you'll only pay $170 now, THEN $170 later!

You know I'm obsessed with Moda Operandi. Oh, you didn't know that? WELL, THEN, I GUESS YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL, DO YOU? Sorry. Got carried away. It's just that I'm very passionate about this topic.

I know what a lot of you are thinking when you're cruising Moda. If you're like me, you do a lot of shopping on sites like TheOutnet, Barney's new permanent warehouse sale, or the sale sections of your favorite sites, from Matches to The Corner. You - we - even do a lot of poring over eBay pages in search of the designer swag we're after at discounted prices. You look at Moda and think "full price? Wish I could, but...laterz."

I can't lie and say Moda is great for discounted-price savings, because then you'll just click from here to there and see no such thing and hate me for being one whose pants are quite on fire. What I can tell you, however, is that Moda is an amazing option if you're looking for an incredible investment piece and you're either good at or wanting to become good at saving. It can make you a responsible shopper! It's not an oxymoron, people. Think about it. Because of the the pay half now, pay half later set-up of their pre-orders, or "Pre-O"s, there's another way to be savvy about owning fresh-from-the-runway fashion besides pulling your hair out looking for slashed prices, or missing out all together and opting for last-season wares at sample sales.

You may have heard the word on the street - that I'm not so good at saving. I don't know what kind of streets you hang out on, it's pretty weird that's what the people are talking about, but whatevs. I plan on using Moda to remedy the situation without me having to give up shopping. And you can, too. Stay tuned on their trunk shows, find the item you're in love with, and BUY! Have you ever ordered anything right from the runway? It's the ultimate in luxury, you'll feel like the kind of person who bathes in Veuve Cliquot. (And then bathes again, because that would be...sticky.) But, really, you'll be being all responsible. Because you'll be paying just half the price of the item now, and then you'll be putting aside the other half for the six to eight weeks or so later when you'll owe that second chunk.You'll be able to lay down the moolah for this statement piece because it's only 50% of the price. You'll learn patience, responsibility and saving. And to reward yourself, you'll have a runway piece. Congratulations!

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  1. I rationalize the exact same way, and yes, I totally Pre'O-ed some Del Toros this weekend.