Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beauty Secrets Revealed Volume VII

If you have read Volume One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six, you know that I am jammed packed with beauty tips and secrets. Because I love you all I am ready to share Volume VII! Send me your own beauty secret to and share it, whoever sends the best tip will be featured in next months Beauty Secrets Post AND will win a surprise prize! You know how great my giveaways are so you should all enter!

1.) Zap Static From Your Hair
          Does it look like you just rubbed a balloon on your head? Funny when you're four, not so much anymore. Get rid of that static immediately by smoothing a dryer sheet over your hair. If you don't have any dryer sheets you can also spritz a bit of Static Guard on your hair brush - a few strokes and smooth hair here you come.

2.) Keep Mascara On Your Lashes, Not Your Eyelids
          I hate when I take my time applying my mascara and getting every single tiny lash only to look in the mirror and see that the top of my lashes have left dots on my eyelid. So, just keep your chin up! No, literally keep your chin up, tilting your chin down enables the mascara to get on your eyelids.

3.) Perfectly Applied Blush - No Clowns Here
          Everyone knows that blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks and swept outward. It's easy to find the apples of your cheeks when you smile. But you need to make sure that you start the blush two fingers width away from your nose!

4.) Flakey Faces Be Gone
          Before applying your face powder, whether it's blush, bronzer, basically any powder, you should give a light blow to the brush. Dip, blow, apply, and repeat. This will guarantee that your makeup doesn't flake.

5.) Refrain From Split Ends
          What's better than a perfect blowout? Not much! With that said, what's worse then a perfect blowout when you have split ends? Again, not much! After showering make sure that you don't start blow drying your hair when it's still sopping wet - this will cause split ends. So, air dry a bit before you begin!

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