Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bronze Like A Pro!

Ahh summer - sun, beaches, pools, and tans. Well, not actual tans, because I don't really sunbathe. I burn, turn bright red, succumb to excruciating pain and then quickly turn pale again. Every vacation I go on I ends up with me going to a spa for a sunburn treatment, while Astor and my mom get facials and massages. I have finally learned my lesson, and have since been slathering myself with SPF. (And if you are lucky enough to get a beautiful, even tan, then I will track you down in 20 years and laugh in all of your faces when you’re leathery and wrinkly, while I'm not. So here is a preemptive “ha-ha-ha!”)

But, I don't need to look pale all summer, as if I never leave my apartment, for I can have a gorgeous, bronze glow, too! Bronzer is my best friend all summer long, and it should be yours too. With that said, there’s absolutely nothing worse than looking like a giant orange pumpkin. You want your bronzer to have you look naturally tan.

When picking your perfect shade of bronzer, you want to get one that is only a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. Don't go overboard. A super dark color won't make you look more tan, but rather make you look as if a child did your makeup. I live for NYR Organic's Mineral Bronzer in the warm shade. It also comes in Golden, so depending on your coloring one of them will be perfect. This bronzer leaves me looking like I have a natural, sun-kissed glow and it has a slight, reflective quality that makes my skin look gorgeous. Best part? It's GOOD for my skin!

Now for application. The pictures used for illustrating proper application (from the MAC website) should only show you where to apply but you still need to blend! You should use a big, puffy brush: stiff, small brushes won't blend your bronzer properly. Dip you brush into the Mineral Bronzer and apply it where the sun would naturally tan your face. On your forehead, nose, and chin. Apply and blend, blend, blend.

Now it's time to do your cheeks. The most natural looking application is to make the number "3" on each side of your face. Start from the forehead, around your eye and down to your jawline.

Lastly, don't forget to bronze your neck. Having a perfectly bronzed face and a pale, white neck is the worst. In addition, if you plan on wearing your hair up, don't forget to apply the bronzer to the back of your neck.

Enjoy your natural looking glow - everyone will be asking what beach you spent the weekend at.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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