Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bijules + Melissa Collab: Edgy Jewelry Meets Playful Shoes

Everyone has a place in their heart for jellies, especially since the beloved '90s-centric shoes have made a serious fashion comeback. And who master jellies better than Melissa? The brand has established itself as the fashion set's way to wear jellies, collaborating with some of the world's top designers. Its next exciting project? Melissa is collaborating with Bijules creator Jules Kim. Melissa is fun, vibrant, bold, playful. Bijules is artful, unique, innovative, urban, cool - quintessentially New York. What would the results look like?

They would look amazing, to answer my own question for you. I didn't want to keep you in suspense. Melissa's effortlessly chic shoes are adorned with the edgy yet elegant jewelry of Bijules.

And guess what? We got to talk to the jewelry genius herself about this awesome project. Here are a few questions we asked Jules Kim!

SOF: What drew you to working with Melissa shoes? 
JK: I grew up wearing jellies and when I first heard of the brand in the early 2000s, I was so intrigued at how they had revolutionized my childhood staple into a more womanly direction! When i was approached to develop this mini collaboration, I was more than enthused and already had ideas in my mind!

SOF: Where did you find inspiration for the pieces you designed as part of the collaboration?

JK: With my jewelry line, Bijules, I always seek to redefine standards. With this collaboration I wanted to link the shoe to the wearer's body by using chain. I also wanted to make the connection diverse and multi-faceted, therefore some of the styles can be removed from the shoe and worn as hand jewelry or necklaces!

SOF: Do you have a favorite piece from the collaboration? 
JK: I love the Melissa opticals! They are simple and can be worn everyday but with a little attitude! I love the studded aspect of the shoe collaboration - viva punk!

SOF: How did you decide to start your own line, and what do you think makes your line stand out?
JK: Bijules was born ten years ago in my East Village apartment because as a DJ and promoter, I wanted to create something that would last longer than a hangover! Now I make products that will last longer than humanity! It's cool to understand my ideas will endure when I will not.

SOF: What is the last thing you bought? 

JK: The last thing I bought I am actually wearing, a lavender drapey Henrik Vibskov top from Eva boutique on the Bowery, located above our showroom!

* Prices for the pieces run at $250 - that's for the jewelry you can wear alone or with the shoes, AND the shoes.

The special edition shoes will remain on display and available for purchase in the SoHo Melissa Galeria until this upcoming Sunday, June 9th. After that date, all of the pieces will be available for purchase directly through the Bijules website: 

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