Monday, June 10, 2013

Keeping It Beautiful On Vacay - Checklist

I love to travel. If life was perfect I would spend one week each month traveling- especially during the summer! Whether I am traveling to St.Barths, Miami or just to the Hamptons for a weekend, I always bring my traveling essentials. Here is a check list of items that I always have whether I'm traveling with my Louis Vuitton trunk or Tumi weekend tote.

As you know, I am a bit obsessed with beauty items. So, it's no surprise I want to bring my own stuff. But, bringing full size bottles on an airplane is a no-no and bringing them for a weekend trip is ridiculous - they just take up too much room in my bag! I have tiny travel bottles that I use to pour in my favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. Just remember to use a sharpie to write down what product is in what bottle.

I also always bring makeup remover and cleansing face wipes. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you're allowed to skimp on your skincare routine. With that said, I will cut you a break and won't insist you bring a bottle of eye makeup remover and cotton balls.

You will, of course, be bringing makeup on your trip. So you will also need makeup brushes. As you know, I have a million makeup brushes. But when I travel, I like to bring some tiny travel ones for easy transporting!

When packing your tiny bottles as well as your makeup and face wipes, you need something to carry them. I have a plastic makeup case - just in case anything opens or spills I'm covered - shampoo on your favorite Calypso? No, thank you.

La Mer Cream is normally too heavy for me and I don't use it on a daily basis. But if I'm flying, it's a must. Planes zap your skin of moisture so applying a heavy cream before you board and once during the flight will leave your skin glowing.

I don't consider myself a diva but I do wear an eye mask when traveling. (No, I do not wear one when I sleep at home). This will ensure you can sleep on the plane!

So I have obviously proven that I like to sleep on planes. Therefore it should come as no surprise that I also bring a neck pillow. While not the most fashion forward look it is totally worth wearing. What can I say? Chairs on planes just don't hold the appeal that plush beds, like a Duxiana and 1,000 thread count Frette sheets do.

On a plane, at a hotel or squeezing into a Hamtpons house (yes, 12 friends will get a two bedroom summer share to split - good tip: take a very early jitney and get there first to claim a bedroom) you need to remain comfy. I always bring a pair of cashmere slippers with me. I know they are not super cheap, per se, but relax, it's not like I'm suggesting you buy Christopher Kane's Floral Embroidered Cashmere Sweater!

Now that you have arrived at your destination, wherever that may be, you will need sunscreen! A red lobster looking sunburn is not what you want on vacation (or anywhere for that matter). So load up on the sunscreen before you hit the beach. As you already know, I love Natures Gate products, Aqua Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen. This sunscreen is great if you are going to be in the water!

Now that you are all packed you are ready to go! Enjoy your trip and please send me tons of pictures!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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