Monday, June 24, 2013

SOF Scoop: Megan Elliott of Hello Beautiful and Lush to Blush

Sutton and I stumbled upon Hello Beautiful a few weeks ago and had one of those "aha" "duh" moments. Y'all, this is seriously amazing accessories at seriously amazing prices. Super on trend yet timelessly chic, very statement-making - we're talking instant outfit transformers here for a price that won't make you bat an eyelash.

As far as style inspiration, we ended up getting a two-for-one deal when we got in touch with Hello Beautiful's Creative Director and Buyer, Megan Elliott and found out she is also the blogger behind Lush to Blush. This girl seriously does it all. She inspires with her buying choices and styled look books on HB, then she inspires on her own blog. Between these two sites, her impeccably fashion-forward yet effortless and unique style will motivate you to embrace your own style - and give you a few tips on how to do so. So we are basically thrilled to have interviewed Megan about both the accessory paradise that is Hello Beautiful and her personal style destination, Lush to Blush.

SOF: What are your favorite three things in your closet?

ME: It’s constantly changing, but right now I’d have to say my chambray top, my high-rise white skinnies by Angry Rabbit and my Sam Edelman strappy blush wedges. There are so many different ways to style these summer staples; I love that.

SOF: What made you decide to start a blog, and what's your favorite thing about blogging?

ME: I started blogging when the magazine I was writing and editing for folded. I needed that creative outlet to write. I was already writing content daily, as well as managing other writers, so I figured why not? My BFF Meghann was a great support system for me as I got it started and really kept me motivated.

My favorite thing about blogging is the community. Everyone really supports each other. Most blog readers are bloggers themselves, so it’s really important to have that connection with other bloggers.

SOF: What is the last thing you bought?

ME: The last thing I bought was a flower crown by Flower Crown Society. Call me crazy, but I wear these things on the daily. They really add a special dash of pretty to any look.

SOF: For our readers who might not have shopped Hello Beautiful yet - what do you think makes it different and special?

ME: What’s different about our shop is that out main goal is to spread a message of inner beauty. We think it’s important for women to be beautiful on the inside before enhancing the outside. Five percent of all proceeds go to The Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. We really think helping out in your community is key to inner beauty.

What are your favorite jewelry trends?

Right now my favorite jewelry trend is minimal lines. I love our Violet nail bracelet, Kendall snake cuff, Blake knot accent ring and Penny bar necklace (I wear it backwards so the rhinestones are hidden), just to name a few.

SOF: Where do you find inspiration for styling the lookbooks?

ME: I am constantly reading blogs. Bloggers are a great source of inspiration because there are so many different styles out there. I can get a glimpse of the ordinary, fashion-loving girl, which is our target market, just by going on my computer. I also use Pinterest a lot. Pinterest is great for collaborating with others and for sharing my inspiration with others involved like the photographer, hair stylist/makeup artist, and model.

SOF: What is some styling/accessorizing advice you can offer?

ME: Styling, for me, is all about balance. I don’t like to have too many items of one trend in a look. If I’m going for an edgy look, I throw in a few dainty or girly pieces to even it all out. If I’m styling for an elegant event, I add one simple piece of edge, like a spiked bracelet, to show that little bit of sass that every girl has.

SOF: Do you have a favorite piece on To: Hello Beautiful?

ME: It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite piece since I really like the majority of the items we sell (I did pick them, after all!). But if I had to pick, I think I’d go with Harper. I have her in black and yellow and I never need another bag. I get like that sometimes though—I use a bag until it’s worn out and move on to the next one.

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  1. You girls are too sweet! Thanks so much for the feature :)

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