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New York Girl Street Style Inspiration: East Village

Love it or hate it, New York is undeniably a fashion capital and the source of major style inspiration. I won't go into, like, Sex and the City references or anything because kill me. But, you have here a city of millions of people who are really unique and dare to dress exactly as they please. You have fashion week, you have magazines, you have brands headquartered here, and you have stores that run the gamut from luxurious and high-fashion to cheap and/or bizarre.

Within the city's mass image as a mecca of trend-setting, tribes have emerged. Once you get into New York style, whether you live here or not, you start to know the difference between someone from the Upper East Side and someone from, say, Soho. Even if everyone's working their own, individualistic look, there seems to be an overriding tone for each neighborhood, and it's kind of a cool fashion identity. It's also really great for style inspiration, because it can help you find your true fashion self. Which is why we're deciding to start highlighting some of the cool neighborhood looks. Maybe you'll find one that you connect with, and maybe it will inspire you as far as some pieces you want to invest in, looks you want to create, etc. Or maybe you won't have one damn to give. To each her own!

And so, in our New York Girl street style inspiration stream of consciousness...we start with the East Village girl!

 (All three images from StreetPeeper.com)

The bondage boutiques and hole-in-the-wall rock venues might be getting replaced by Pinkberry and SuperCuts, but the East Village is refusing to lose its attitude and that’s thanks largely in part to its effortlessly cool inhabitants. Fashion fans in the East Village mix their designer wares with vintage punk band tees, jeans that were actually torn from being worn for years and didn’t come that way, loved-to-death Dr. Martens, glamorous-hair-hiding beanies and hand-me-down biker jackets. Their approach to fashion is so irreverent, so individualistic – full of their own personality and never left wanting for edge. The results are eclectic and always decidedly “downtown” – mixes of slouchy pants and sky-high pumps, vibrant floral prints with gloomy-hued heavy metal tees, casual and quirky tops with cocktail-worthy statement skirts and layering. Lots of layering.

If you think this style speaks to you, we can help you assemble a capsule wardrobe to work with. Here are ten East Village style staples:

Leather Biker Jacket

 The studs on this Mango jacket, $290, lend it an extra kick of edge - but not still in a low-key, versatile way since they're tonal.

Band Tee

I happen to like Kiss. You don't have to like Kiss. But then we can't be friends. Just kidding...mostly. Anyway, this is a great example of the treasure trove of vintage band tees you can find on Etsy - this one is $42.

Flannel Shirt

I recommend choosing a vintage men's style for your flannel shirt - gives it that true East Village slouch factor. Again, this is just an example of the thousands you'll find on Etsy, this one is $24.

Chunky Knit Sweater

It's slouchy, it's textured, it's go-with-everything-black, it's perfect. And only $80 at Topshop.

Embellished Skirt

This embellished skirt, $65 at Asos, is not only a fancy-schmancy foil to casual tees, it's also a kick of color.

Printed Skinny Pants

Try to ignore the styling here and you'll see some awesome, graphically charged, printed skinny pants that will only run you about $35 from Nine West. They make the perfect modern-art contrast to slouchy knits and tees.

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

 A good pair of boyfriend jeans can transform your off-duty wardrobe - they go with everything. And they're essential for that I-don't-care-how-I-look-but-I-happen-to-look-awesome East Village look. Invest in a pair you'll literally have forever with denim gurus Current/Elliott - this pair is $315 at Stylebop. But you can find good boyfriend jeans anywhere, from Old Navy to H&M. For the best, most flattering proportions, pair with a good heel.

Edgy Pumps

 Speaking of good heels...these pumps, just $70 at Loft, have a sexy yet sensible (read: wearable) shape, but their print is all fashion goodness. They will make any look pop, whether you're making them the focal point of a monochrome outfit, or using them to do a serious print clash. When you're working them into an East Village look, they are the feminine foil to a grungy knit and slouchy jean look. It's all dark/edge/tough - then pop! Pretty. Just a smidge of pretty.


Is there anything more classic than Converse sneakers? They go with EVERYTHING. They're understated. They're cool. They're comfortable. And they're the East Village girl's casual shoe of choice - totally have that effortless thing down pat. And these basic whites are just $55.

Crossbody Satchel

Again perpetuating that devil-may-care cool East Village girls, the crossbody satchel is just a little book-nerd-ish and doesn't care at all. Which makes it awesome. It's structured and classic and the perfect way to pull together slouchy layered looks - especially in a bright hue like this DKNY style, for $199.

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