Monday, June 3, 2013

Vacation Essentials - What to Pack When You're a Fashionable Gal on a Kinda/Sorta Budget

When was the last time I took a vacation? WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I TOOK A VACATION, YOU ASK? You can probably tell by my tone, and if you could see me, you could tell by my involuntarily twitching eye.

I guess you could count LA, but it was more of a visit to friends and a place I've been a bunch and know I will be a bunch more. I can remember a time when we'd decide we were going to dash off to the South of France or this private island in the Bahamas our dad has that we're not at liberty to talk about. But those days are GONE and I'm stressed out about being able to afford a rental car now to go away for a measly weekend. But travel I will, friends, whether it's to Santorini (it won't be) or Cape Cod (now you're getting more realistic). And as it is finally summer, I'm thinking some of you may be a-travelin,' too. So, I bring you, some ideas for travel essentials.

I usually don't advocate spending much on swimwear, but if you could get ONE awesome suit that became your go-to for every beach trip, why not this awesome, statement-making one-piece from Mara Hoffman? It's $227 at Net-A-Porter AND, check out this matching cover-up - which could just as easily be a cute day dress!

This versatile baby is $264, also at Net-A-Porter.

I'm on the fence about espadrilles, frankly - they're so cute and bohemian and low-key, in theory. But they make my feet look like they were drawn by the animators of "Doug." These Valentino versions, though, are an exception because Valentino. Their lace fabrication makes them more delicate than cartoonish, the feminine lightness of them balancing their more tomboyish silhouette. They're the ultimate vacation shoes. $475 at Moda Operandi.

To balance out your Valentino splurge, try these $24.80 sandals from Forever 21. Metallic sandals are a MUST for summer anyway, and are great for vacation because of their outfit-transforming powers. Just slip them on with any understated sun dress or with denim cut-offs and boom, instant chic factor.

The line Organic Peroxide has that New York edge meets LA bohemian cool look, which is tailor-made for vacation accessorizing. This eclectic, playful bracelet looks like something you picked up on your travels, and will still be just as cool back in the city. $40 at L-Atitude.
How fun is this embellished bag from Asos? Perfect for everyday, especially a vibrant pop on vacation. And its size is just right - not so big you're lugging it everywhere but roomy enough for sunglasses, sunblock, your camera...$61.09 at Asos.
 Almost nothing is more essential for vacation than sunglasses, and these clear floral-print are at once statement-making yet understated - meaning, they're perfect. And only $18.00 at Need Supply.

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