Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Jewelry Line to Obsess Over: Milk the Goat

It can be hard to find unique jewelry out there anymore, simply because of the crazy-high number of lines there are to choose from. I fell instantly head over heels for Milk the Goat's jewelry, in no small part because of how different it is. It's bohemian, but it's edgy. It's vibrant, but it's sophisticated. It's a line of love-forever statement pieces - pieces that demand attention and reinvent your outfit, but aren't so crazy you can't wear them every single day.

Milk the Goat's design is  headed up by Nicole Kunz, and features a team of amazingly talented artistic types from all over the world. They describe their aesthetic as "California Pinup Hippie" - which is a perfect classification, and one I'm obsessed with. It is just that - effortless and glamorous. You can see the free spirit of California and the eclectic cool of global traveler in every piece.

Some favorite pieces are below (price range is like $79 to $270ish) - go forth and shop! And as Milk the Goat also creates clothes, swimwear, shoes, bags, and more, keep an eye out here for more info on those, too!

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