Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Obsessed List: October

I keep a running list in my Gmail drafts of things I want to buy or look into more, and it’s kind of become part of my shopping process. I’ve mentioned that when it comes to anything remotely pricey, I sit on things for a while before buying, because I want to make sure I really want it, and I do that by seeing if I really think about it after seeing it for the first time. I keep things in this e-mail draft and when I check in on it, if I see something listed that I realize I haven’t thought about in forever, I know I mustn’t really want it. I thought I’d start sharing my monthly obsessions with you – things that are in this e-mail draft that I think about, like, a lot. Things I’ve already either bitten the bullet and bought or plan to shortly.

I have a few coats that I rotate in the winter, but they all have a sort of look in common. They’re all very tailored, a little dressier. Black or camel, wool, sophisticated, you get the idea. I really want something a little more casual, that I can throw on on the weekends and not feel like it’s changing my whole look. And more importantly, I want one that’s really warm without me having to layer. I love my wool coats, but it takes me fifteen minutes just to get out the door when I wear them because I have to strategically add three layers of knitwear between my outfit and my coat without going full-on Michelin man. I’ve become obsessed with these faux fur-lined, army-ish parkas. They’re cool, casual, far from unseemly as so many really warm coats on, and really cozy. The best part is, every time I’m about to get one I’ve found, I find one at a lower cost, but without careening too far down the quality scale. Just as I was about to grab one from Zara for $180, I found this one at Uniqlo. It looks far more than its $80 – yes, $80! Crazy, right? 

I have a few different greens in my nail polish collection, but this one is just perfect. Dark, olive-y – Chanel gets it right every time, doesn’t it?

We’ve discussed Sophie Hulme bags – I’m in love with the luxe look, clean and simple aesthetic, and subtle unique details. Picking a bag is a big decision for me because I’m too lazy to change bags frequently – I have to love my bag enough to want to carry it day after day for a while. It has to be roomy but not huge, chic but over-the-top. There’s no denying anymore that this tote fits the bill perfectly. 

Kenzo sweatshirt
Quickly, my answer to the "if you had to wear one designer for the rest of your life" question is becoming Kenzo. I could wear a different Kenzo sweatshirt everyday. They are all. So. Good. This one is especially twanging on my heartstrings, which is baffling to me of all people as I have a weird phobia of eyes (like, eyes not still inside of heads). But the Egyptian vibe, the different patterned trims...? Need.

I am not a man, no, but one of my favorite designers is John Varvatos. He is probably one of my only favorite designers that I cannot really wear (other then some borrowed-from-the-boys dressing). But his two reasons for being are fashion and rock, something we have in common. And he came up during the period I wish I did - the grittier days of New York, the prime of CBGB. Honestly, of course I don't like that CBGB isn't here, but if it had to happen, I'm glad John Varvatos is the store that's there. I have a feeling his Rock in Fashion book is EPIC. You know it's a treasure trove of incredible rock images, and I will surely perish if I don't get my hands on it stat.

Handbags and Hugs,


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