Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New York Girl Street Style Inspiration: Williamsburg

Our first New York Girl Street Style post was a SMASH. Smash meaning I personally had fun writing it so now you must all be subjected to more of them, MWAHAHAHAHA. Today, the Williamsburg girl. Because the Williamsburg girl has definitely become one of the most prominent style personalities in New York. Frankly, this style identity is often mocked, and I am not going to defend certain aspects of it. It’s true, the hipsterdom can be taken over the top. Which is why we are not going to focus on the Williamsburg girl that joins the masses with a sort of aren’t-I-ironic-in-a-post-ironic way, punctuating her look with a fanny pack and rattail hairdo. What I’d like to do is remind naysayers that there IS still an incredibly stylish Williamsburg girl, who resents the rep her neighborhood has gotten, or doesn’t care enough to pay attention to it at all. She’s creative, she’s undeniably individualistic, she’s sophisticated and a little daring, and she barely tries at all. The Williamsburg girl choose breezy dresses that are striking in their simplicity and accessorizes with barely-there accessories that somehow make a statement in their minimalism. Like her East Village counterpart, she likes vintage tees. She takes a tee-and-jean combo to a whole other level with an elegant, sweeping camel coat. The look is unique in its bohemian twist – it’s what I imagine the old New York, Patti Smith’s New York, Bob Dylan’s West Village, to have dressed like. Hippies that live in the city now and are just a bit darker and more sophisticated. The Williamsburg girl can infuse an edgy Wang look with sweeping, breezy, feminine style. Think maxi dresses, sundresses, eyelet, leather, overalls, distressed denim, barely-there tees, Birkenstocks, Converses, strappier-than-strappy flat sandals, brogues, slippers, vintage coats and structured satchels.

 via The Sartorialist

Here are the staples you can build your wardrobe on to work the look:

The biker jacket. (I know, a lot of neighborhoods have this in common.)

The wide-brimmed hat.

The ethereal vintage or vintage-esque maxi dress.

The fresh-from-the-farm ankle boots.

The flannel shirt.

The perfect, feather-weight tee.

The overalls.

The high-waisted jeans.

The strappy sandals.

The white Converses.

The camera bag. 

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  1. Love those backless dresses. Congrats on links a la mode :)

  2. I like these customized white Converse!!

  3. Everything but the dress and overalls, please! Especially that hat! I'm having a hat thing lately.

    xo Ashley

    1. Overalls are definitely a love it or hate it thing! We're loving hats, too, definitely a good way to reinvent your outfits!

  4. Thanks for sharing. i really appreciate it that you shared with us such a informative post..

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