Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Speed Up Your Morning Routine

I am late... ALL THE TIME. It just keeps happening. Every morning I set my alarm so I have more than enough time to get ready, yet I consistently snooze and am always scrambling to get ready. I have compiled a list of tips that have been helping me and will help you to get ready faster in the morning!


  • Every morning I struggle to find something to wear. So, I started picking out my outfit the night before. I lay it out (like moms do for kindergartners) and am ready to go in the morning.

  • If you know that you're going to wear something that needs ironing (honestly, who has time for that in the morning?) just hang it in your bathroom the night before. After your shower it will be freshly steamed and wrinkle free.

While You Sleep and When You Wake:

  • Buy a silk pillow case (don't worry, I'm not suggesting you get an entire sheet set). Sleeping on silk will ensure you wake up with smooth, frizz free hair.

  • Make a 'wake up playlist' on your phone or computer. Having upbeat, feel good music playing will leave you dancing around your apartment, instead of lounging around in bed.


  • If you need to shower in the morning and don't have time to dry and style your hair, this tip will save you. After you shower, twist your damp hair into a bun or top knot. Right before you get to work take it out and shake your head. Perfect, easy waves.

  • If you insist on blowing out your hair, you should invest in a microfiber hair towel. This will cut your drying time by at least half.

  • Dirty hair and no time to wash it? No problem, have some dry shampoo handy and it will freshen up your hair in seconds.

Makeup and Skincare:

  • Keep all of your skincare products in one area. Never waste time searching high and low for your toner or eye cream again.

  • Running low on time but hate to leave without makeup on? Buy some double duty products. Lip stain and blush in one, eye shadow and highlighter combined, this will save you precious minutes.

  • Totally running out of time? When on doubt, swipe on some red lipstick. It will freshen up your face and make you look polished.

  • Keep a mascara in your bag. Mascara is the one makeup that improves everyone's look. Apply it while you're on the subway.

Before You Walk Out The Door:

  • Leave a checklist next to your front door. I know this sounds super lame, but it really works.
  • Keys, Wallet, Phone, Lipgloss (or anything you personally can't leave home without)

Write down the things that you would certainly return home for, even if you're only feet from the subway, ugh).

Do you constantly change bags? Who can blame you, when you have so many options, from ChloƩ, Yves Saint Laurent, 3.1 Phillip Lim to Alexander Wang; there are so many amazing options! But that doesn't mean that you have time to move everything to a new bag every morning! So keep your important items in pouches, you keys and money, your makeup, anything you know you will need to transfer over.

I hope your morning routine will become faster!

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,



  1. I need to try the wake up playlist idea! I find that uplifting and upbeat music definitely has an impact, so I'll try it in the morning. thanks for the tips!
    just discovered your blog and loving it! following you now! :)

    Metallic Paws