Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Photo Diary: New England Fall Trip

A couple of weeks ago, I did one of my annual fall traditions and traveled the Mohawk Trail. A route in Western Massachusetts, this is the perfect day trip, full of pumpkin patches, family-run restaurants, farms, corn mazes, hiking trails, old cemeteries, parks, natural wonders and sweet little towns stuffed with used book shops, vintage boutiques, craft stores and cafes. I look forward to the trail all year – and if you’re in the area, I highly recommend it. You’ll come back with treasures like maple candy, home-baked apple pies, pumpkins, vintage finds, rare books, local art and country-cute knick knacks.

Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls

Glacial potholes in Shelburne Falls

Dog in a tupperware bin...

While in Western Massachusetts, we also spent the day at the Big E, a fair for all of the New England states. It is epic. It is huge. It is overwhelming. There are tons of adorable animals and pig races, all the heart-stopping food you could dream of, rides, shows, flea markets - and oddities, like this butter sculpture. Yes, butter sculptures are a real thing.

They had a Hard Rock exhibit at the Big E where you could geek out over the clothing and guitars of some icons...this being a fashion blog, I thought you'd appreciate the clothes more. This was Jimi Hendrix's shirt...
Elton John's little-boy-like sequined shorts suit...
Steven Tyler's striped ensemble...
And Lisa Left Eye Lopes' look.
Here are some piglets for your enjoyment.

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