Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beauty Gift Guide: Sister

Your little sister... steals all your stuff, totally doesn't respect your privacy and wants to spend every waking minute copying everything you do. Let's face it that can get super annoying - but you love her anyway. Time to make up for all your yelling at her. She thinks you're the coolest person in the world and she will feel your love this holiday season if you treat her to something special!

She will go absolutely crazy over the Merci Lip Gloss Pack by Napoleon Perdis. These five shades will keep her happy, and hopefully away from your lipgloss. But I can't guarantee the tables won't turn - you just may be begging her to borrow one. 

$14 at Sephora

Sephora's Formula X holiday ornament will delight her when you hang it up. Can you think of an ornament she would enjoy more? Flakes of gold foil will make her hands sparkle, and it's certainly cheaper than a gold ring. 

$49 at Sephora

This Makeup Academy Blockbuster is jam packed with 130 colors for her eyes, lips, and face. This will guarantee she stays out of your makeup drawer. Keep her entertained for hours and out if your hair. Plus, if your Mom insists you have to bring her out with you, at least she will look good. 

$16 at Sephora

Eww, stop letting her use your makeup brushes. That is something I refuse to share with anyone - germs, dirt and oil from someone else's face? Gross! No need to keep your brushes under lock and key anymore - Sephora has this Party Starter Brush Set that she'll love.  

$7 at Sephora

Let's face it - she's drawn to anything that sparkles. This bobby pin set has 16 glittery pins inside that will look adorable in her hair. 

$150 at Sephora

Want her to love you forever? Buy her a Clarisonic. Let her watch her skin transform. Enough said.

Perfectly Glossed Kisses,


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